Stol Guitar Stand

Stol Guitar Stand-1-Design Crush


I don’t play guitar, but I always have the goal to someday pick it up. The Stol guitar stand pushes me even further in that direction, considering the instrument would look eons better perched upon it than in my clumsy hands. The Stol (Swedish for chair) is collapsible, snap the two wood frames together then knock them down to store flat.


Stol Guitar Stand-2-Design Crush

Stol Guitar Stand-3-Design Crush

Stol Guitar Stand-4-Design Crush

Stol Guitar Stand-5-Design Crush

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Sara Andreasson

Sara Andreasson-1-Design Crush


Sara Andreasson‘s illustrations are bold, in your face, and unapologetic which is just what I love about them. The Gothenburg, Sweden-based illustrator and designer loves to play with saturated fields of color and experiment with subtle airbrushed gradients. The result is oh so good.


Sara Andreasson-2-Design Crush

Sara Andreasson-3-Design Crush

Sara Andreasson-4-Design Crush

Sara Andreasson-5-Design Crush

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Leccare Lollipops

Leccare Lollipops-1-Design Crush


Aside from being downright gorgeous, Leccare Lollipops offer some of the most mouthwatering flavors possible. Things like lavender & marshmallow, blood orange & ginger, and amaretto sour are among their huge selection made by shop owner Kimberly Hadlock. Her handmade treats are made with natural, preferably locally sourced ingredients in Atlanta. Order everything from a seasonal sampler of flavors to enough to fill trick or treaters’ bags next month!


Leccare Lollipops-2-Design Crush

Leccare Lollipops-3-Design Crush

Leccare Lollipops-4-Design Crush

Leccare Lollipops-5-Design Crush


Paul Wackers

Paul Wackers-1-Design Crush


I’ve been coming across some fantastic painters lately who create an almost collage-like look with their medium. Pieces of Paul Wackers‘ works look downright embroidered with the most lovely sense of three dimensions about them.


Paul Wackers-2-Design Crush

Paul Wackers-3-Design Crush

Paul Wackers-4-Design Crush

Paul Wackers-5-Design Crush


Shabd Magic Jar Dye Kit

Shad Magic Jar Dye Kit-1-Design Crush

Basically the instant I saw the Shabd Magic Jar Dye Kit it jumped onto my Christmas list (which is getting quite long, just in case you were wondering). This magical all-in-one dye kit comes with a silk crepe de chine scarf and permanent non-toxic dyes and fixatives, all packed inside a reusable glass jar. Just add water, practice being patient for one hour, and then see the results. So much fun! The kits are available in amethyst, copper, jade, and quartz.

Shad Magic Jar Dye Kit-2-Design Crush

Shad Magic Jar Dye Kit-3-Design Crush

Shad Magic Jar Dye Kit-4-Design Crush



Kero-1-Design Crush


Whether they’re well thought out or raw and honest, I’m crushing hard on the illustrative talents of Italian artist Kero. Her bright and colorful pieces are pensive, while the simple black pen illustrations are anything but.


Kero-2-Design Crush

Kero-3-Design Crush

Kero-4-Design Crush

Kero-5-Design Crush

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Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

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Sonia Pulido

Sonia Pulido-1-Design Crush



The work of Barcelona’s Sonia Pulido seems spot on for autumn, no? Something about each and every piece of her illustrated ceramics feels transitional, as though we’re capturing a glimpse right before the big finale. The minimal palette lends itself beautifully to that feeling, too.



Sonia Pulido-2-Design Crush

Sonia Pulido-3-Design Crush

Sonia Pulido-4-Design Crush

Sonia Pulido-5-Design Crush

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Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar-1-Design Crush



Last month I had the chance to meet and chat with Seattle’s fruitsuper design and fell even harder for their brilliant, thoughtful designs. And their latest is maybe their greatest. If you guessed it was an abacus you’d be exactly like me – but it’s a perpetual calendarThe entire piece is made in the U.S.A. with the porcelain slip cast in Texas, the the brass machined in California, the maple in Maine, and then all assembled in Washington. Right now this guy is sitting high atop my Christmas list!

Balancing timeless simplicity with sculptural tactility, this iconic counting calendar is hand crafted with porcelain beads, brass, and solid maple. Simply slide the beads to indicate month, day, and date – adding elegant repetition to your everyday.



Perpetual Calendar-2-Design Crush

Perpetual Calendar-3-Design Crush


Torben Giehler

Torben Giehler-1-Design Crush



Torben Giehler‘s explorations in geometry and color are endlessly fascinating, particularly his ongoing Mountainscapes. Each of Giehler’s works shows a complete understanding of tones, layering, and perspective. What I wasn’t expecting is the size of each piece – take a peek here.



Torben Giehler-2-Design Crush

Torben Giehler-3-Design Crush

Torben Giehler-4-Design Crush

Torben Giehler-5-Design Crush

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