Sam Kalda / Men and Cats

Sam Kalda-1-Design Crush



Illustrator and cat fancier Sam Kalda knows all the ways into my heart. In his Men and Cats series, Kalda captures famous men and their feline companions in everyday circumstances. Think Ernest Hemingway having a drink, Karl Lagerfeld laying out his ensemble for the day, or Saul Steinberg… wearing a cat mask.



Sam Kalda-2-Design Crush

Sam Kalda-3-Design Crush

Sam Kalda-4-Design Crush

Sam Kalda-5-Design Crush


Gift Shop Brooklyn

Gift Shop Brooklyn-1-Design Crush



Annie Bukhman has a way with leather, which in this case is better than having a way with words. She creates every piece for Gift Shop Brooklyn shop with materials sourced and purchased from vendors in the United States or from fellow Etsy sellers. Items are made in limited quantities, guaranteeing that Annie’s designs and offerings are always fresh and inspired.



Gift Shop Brooklyn-2-Design Crush

Gift Shop Brooklyn-3-Design Crush

Gift Shop Brooklyn-4-Design Crush

Gift Shop Brooklyn-5-Design Crush

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Elise Morris

Elise Morris-1-Design Crush



My backyard is covered by a canopy of old trees and I’ve spent quite a bit of time under their heavy branches this summer. While lots of it was while I was sitting on my deck working, my favorite reprieve was gazing upward through their leaves. Elise Morris‘ abstract paintings remind me of those moments as they slowly dwindle and the leaves begin to drop as we head into a new season.



Elise Morris-2-Design Crush

Elise Morris-3-Design Crush

Elise Morris-4-Design Crush

Elise Morris-5-Design Crush