Betsy Walton

Betsy Walton-1-Design Crush



Betsy Walton‘s paintings make me feel introspective and curious and all of those other FEELINGS art can bring out of the woodwork. When I dig into her work I can almost see her brushstrokes working out something that’s been of her brain/soul/heart and I really, really love that. If you do too you should check out her shop and bring a piece home.



Betsy Walton-2-Design Crush

Betsy Walton-3-Design Crush

Betsy Walton-4-Design Crush

Betsy Walton-5-Design Crush


Meike Harde / Wooden Aquarelle

Meike Harde : Wooden Aquarelle-1-Design Crush



Meike Harde‘s Wooden Aquarelle looks like everything and nothing all at once. The Milky Way? Yup. Rainbow sherbet? Sure. Blown up photos of watercolor palettes? Yes. But what is it really? Liquid pigments poured on bare wooden surfaces that randomly created color gradients is what. Harde then uses these transformed pieces of wood in the building of wall panels, floor tiles, and furniture.



Meike Harde : Wooden Aquarelle-2-Design Crush

Meike Harde : Wooden Aquarelle-3-Design Crush

Meike Harde : Wooden Aquarelle-4-Design Crush

Meike Harde : Wooden Aquarelle-5-Design Crush

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Fall Wish List


1. E Hoops  2. Quilted Baseball Hat  3. Lace Up Knee High Military Boots
4. Openweave Scarf in Scottsdale Plaid

It seems as though summer knew just the right moment to exit stage left this year. Autumn weather showed up this past Saturday, ironically on time considering my friend Andrew hosted an End of Summer party Friday evening. This season I’m focused on comfort – warm knits, flat shoes, and plenty of plaids – and I’m on the lookout for a great trench or anorak to help with layering and a pair of ankle length skinny cords.




5. Enforce Bracelet  6. Estelle Watch  7. Fortune Hand Ring  8. Striped Cocoon Cardigan Sweater




9. Small Bicolor Bucket Bag  10. Newly High Top Sneakers  11. No 137 Necklace  12. Plaid Dolman Dress


Karen Gunderson / Water

Karen Gunderson-1-Design Crush



Karen Gunderson‘s Water immediately caught my attention with its extreme lights and darks. So much so that I immediately guessed the series was maybe a study in graphite or charcoal… BUT NO. These pieces are all composed of oils on either linen or board.



Karen Gunderson-2-Design Crush

Karen Gunderson-3-Design Crush

Karen Gunderson-4-Design Crush

Karen Gunderson-5-Design Crush

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Happy Weekend

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An Outdoor Autumn Harvest Party

Pier 1 Fall-1-Design Crush



I think we’re all too fast to run inside once the temperatures begin to fade, don’t you? There’s something to be said for embracing the harvest season that’s almost here, cozying up in layers, and enjoying this time of year and all it has to offer before the hustle and bustle of the holidays take over. As I mentioned before, I’m bent on putting my backyard and decks to good use this autumn – plenty of game day get togethers, birthday celebrations, and fire pit parties are already on the docket. I like having an arsenal of dinnerware and serving pieces set aside especially for this time of year and the type of entertaining that I associate with it. What does that mean? Nothing overly precious, pieces that are functional and earthy in material and tone, and a bit heavier than my summer wares.



Pier 1 Fall-3-Design Crush



Metals and woods are my favorite right now. The heft and textures they bring to the table (ahem) are unparalleled and, well, a little bit of shine never hurt anyone! I like it when my table looks pulled together, but not pristine. Matchy matchy is out of the question, so mixing metals and other elements is key to pulling everything off. Pier 1‘s Bronze Palm Leaf Serving Bowl is such a great statement piece that brought form and function to my table in spades.



Pier 1 Fall-4-Design Crush



My favorite recipes for casual get togethers are simple and fresh. For appetizers I like baked zucchini parmesan crisps and whipped Mexican grilled corn dip. I insist on serving a salad of some type – not always of the leafy variety – and can’t wait to try this grilled potato salad with basil, blue cheese, and tomatoes and this perfect for autumn almond apple quinoa salad.



Pier 1 Fall-5-Design Crush



It’s easy to pick up a few growlers of favorite local beers to keep things casual, along with setting out a pitcher of plum spritzers. As the evening cools down even further there’s always a pot of coffee not too far away in the kitchen. I particularly love this Diamond Cut Drinkware because it reminds me of a set of similar glasses my Grandma used to serve iced tea out of every summer.



Pier 1 Fall-6-Design Crush



When entertaining outside I like to lean heavily on my trusty grill and my crockpot. One creates delicious things within a few minutes while the other maintains a set-it-and-forget-it frame of mind, with both results usually being eaten on a bun. Case in point are these fried mozzarella and caramelized peach caprese burgers and pulled honey lime chicken sandwiches with corn and cabbage slaw. Hearty and bursting with flavor, they’ll please even your most picky party-goer. A few lanterns helps to further set the mood. One of my favorite outdoor entertaining tricks is using scented candles, the aroma ends up subtly wafting around in the most pleasant way. Simple white plates and cotton napkins help to bring everything else together. Later on we can carry these down to the fire pit to make s’mores and bask in the warmth of another evening spent in good company with good food and drink.



Pier 1 Fall-7-Design Crush



No get together is complete without a curated playlist, at least not at my house! So of course I had to pull together some of my favorite songs that channel chill vibes and welcome autumn with open arms. Have a listen!




Hoxton Salad Server Set // Mother-of-Pearl Stainless Steel Pitcher // Diamond Cut Drinkware (Amber) // Bronze Palm Leaf Serving Bowl // White Buffet Napkin Set // Landen Mini Lantern // Landen Black Lantern // Pumpkin Chai Pillars



Brought to you by Pier 1. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help Design Crush create fresh content!


Minty Sainsbury

Minty Sainsbury-1-Design Crush



Minty Sainsbury, who is a frontrunner for Best Name Ever, is also a talent with pencil and paper. Architectural drawings specifically. Check out this series of famous landmarks, each with their neighboring buildings ghosted out. Sainsbury really forces you to focus on the detailed architecture by segregating each structure.



Minty Sainsbury-2-Design Crush

Minty Sainsbury-3-Design Crush

Minty Sainsbury-4-Design Crush

Minty Sainsbury-5-Design Crush

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