For the Record

For the Record-1-Design Crush


Album art is completely underrated, but in this day and age where vinyl is regaining a foothold in the music industry things may just be changing. Amsterdam-based design studio Spitsberg has designed a frame allowing you to show off your collection – For the Record. Simple slide your album covers in to create instant art.


For the Record-2-Design Crush

For the Record-3-Design Crush

For the Record-4-Design Crush

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Knot Pillows

Knot Pillows-1-Design Crush


These Knot Pillows look straight outta the ’90s, in a good way of course! One long tube tied up in a massive knot, then splatter painted for good measure. Perfect for sleepovers, pillow fights, and cuddling.


Knot Pillows-2-Design Crush

Knot Pillows-3-Design Crush


Ian Thomas Miller

Ian Thomas Miller-1-Design Crush


The paint- and illustration-block technique of Ian Thomas Miller is a fresh and captivating approach to storytelling. Lots of hands and pop culture references pop up, and Miller also has a gift for photography. Oh, and he’s only 22-years-old, looking forward to more from this guy.


Ian Thomas Miller-2-Design Crush

ICEE Edit corners

Ian Thomas Miller-4-Design Crush

Ian Thomas Miller-5-Design Crush


Victoria Wagner / Woodrocks

Victoria Wagner-1-Design Crush


The 100+ year old Norwegian maple tree in my front yard is half-dead and being taken down today, so Victoria Wagner‘s Woodrocks seem especially fitting to share. She uses large pieces of reclaimed wood sliced into geometric shapes and painted using oils to create each gem-like work. I’m thinking of keeping a piece of my tree and creating a little something to pay homage to it.


Victoria Wagner-2-Design Crush

Victoria Wagner-3-Design Crush

Victoria Wagner-4-Design Crush

Victoria Wagner-5-Design Crush


Easter Stuffs

This year Easter is going to be exceptionally low-key in my family. One person will be out of town at the NCAA basketball tournament, a few people just moved into a new house and are still getting settled, and yet a few others have to work. Some holidays are just like that, and this is one of them. I’ll still be dyeing eggs Saturday as usual and maybe even making a batch of hot cross buns for the first time ever! Love these twenty ideas for fun DIYs and egg decorating below.



ROW 1: Chocolate Dipped Cadbury Mini Egg Blondies // DIY Bunny Boxes    ROW 2: DIY Copper Wire Easter Baskets // DIY Easter Bunny Cactus Planter // Crazy Peep Milkshakes    ROW 3: DIY Faceted Easter Egg Place Card Holders // Foliage Easter Eggs // DIY Giant Origami Bunnies    ROW 4: Painterly Pink and Gold Easter Eggs // DIY Woven Paper Basket // Tropical Leaf Easter Eggs    ROW 5: Marbled Indigo Eggs // Easter Bread // Easter Egg Cream    ROW 6: Giant Knit Bunny // Marbled Easter Eggs Using Food Coloring // Miffy Chocolate Cookies    ROW 7: Paint Splattered Easter Eggs // Printable Easter Cones // Wood Grain Fold Art Flower Easter Eggs


Lisa Lapointe

Lisa Lapointe-1-Design Crush


Three unlikely sources are the inspiration behind Sydney-based Lisa Lapointe‘s illustrations – spiritual, religious, and indigenous mythology. Her primitive works of art take us into a vibrant geometric world that is not necessarily created to please, but to make think.


Lisa Lapointe-2-Design Crush

Lisa Lapointe-3-Design Crush

Lisa Lapointe-4-Design Crush

Lisa Lapointe-5-Design Crush


Annie Costello Brown

Annie Costello Brown-1-Design Crush


While I tend to favor studs, a solid statement-making pair of earrings are a jewelry box necessity. Especially once warmer weather begins to rear its head and layers of clothing start to drop off. Annie Costello Brown‘s brass and silver jewelry is hand-cut and hammered in her Los Angeles studio, and the results are pure art.


Annie Costello Brown-2-Design Crush

Annie Costello Brown-3-Design Crush

Annie Costello Brown-4-Design Crush

Annie Costello Brown-5-Design Crush

Annie Costello Brown-6-Design Crush


Victoria Semykina Antolini

Victoria Semykina Antolini-1-Design Crush


People watching is one of my all-time favorite pastimes, so I love seeing Bologna-based illustrator Victoria Semykina Antolini credits the activity as an inspiration behind her beautiful creations. She also spends a considerable amount of time indulging her love of ships by frequenting a shipyard, adding an adventurous feel to all of Victoria’s work. Be sure and check out available prints in her shop.


Layout 1

Layout 1

Victoria Semykina Antolini-4-Design Crush

Victoria Semykina Antolini-5-Design Crush