Jaymee Srp

Jaymee Srp-1-Design Crush


Jaymee Srp‘s mid-century inspired art and designs are everything I love. The patterns that grace her line of print and paintings, wall hangings, pillow and linens, pouches, and calendars are bold, graphic, and entrancing with the fresh color palettes she gravitates towards.


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Marta Spendowska

Marta Spendowska-1-Design Crush


Marta Spendowska‘s watercolors bring so many emotions to the surface for me, I actually have three of her pieces in my own home. The Polish-born artist works with no concept in mind, relying instead on the beauty of color and shape and the variable of chance that comes with creating. The contrast, bleeds, distortions, and even mistakes are what make her work so utterly human. Please take a peek at her shop to pick something up for yourself.


Marta Spendowska-2-Design Crush

Marta Spendowska-3-Design Crush

Marta Spendowska-4-Design Crush

Marta Spendowska-5-Design Crush

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L'accumulation-1-Design Crush


L’accumulation is a showcase of functional beauty. Modernism and nostalgia, utility and expression, a story that’s gathered over time as we build our homes and our lives. A belief that traditional items have a place in the home whether they are made by heritage brands or are limited handmade items. Everything L’accumulation purveys is made to last.


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L'accumulation-3-Design Crush

L'accumulation-4-Design Crush

L'accumulation-5-Design Crush

Thirsty Porcelain Glass // Hand Hammered Brass and Copper Box // Porcelain Cornet Table Lamp // Salt, Pepper, and Sugar Flask // Apotheke Bontanika Yuzu Cream


Ana Cardoso

Ana Cardoso-1-Design Crush


New York-based Ana Cardoso creates some truly inspiring painted installation pieces. Historical references, conceptual and structural concerns, and distribution are all key elements that go into each balanced piece.


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