Layer-1-Design Crush


Like to change up your decor as often as you change your clothes? South Korean industrial designer Sohyun Yun has created a chair – Layer – made out of clear acrylic. It’s entirely customizable, inspired by our consumerist society where people buy things then quickly discard them once something new comes along.


Layer-2-Design Crush

Layer-3-Design Crush

Layer-4-Design Crush

Layer-5-Design Crush


Roberto Maján

Roberto Maján-1-Design Crush


Illustrator Roberto Maján‘s sometimes hyper-sexual art explores a variety of subjects in a beautiful way. The self-taught Madrid-based artist got his start working in publishing and has slowly added more personal works to his repertoire.


Roberto Maján-2-Design Crush

Roberto Maján-3-Design Crush

Roberto Maján-4-Design Crush

Roberto Maján-5-Design Crush

Roberto Maján-6-Design Crush


Shore Rugs

Shore Rugs-1-Design Crush


Outdoor rugs can be kind of a nightmare when you take the elements into consideration. Shore rugs are a new line of innovative rugs woven with a specially designed silicone cord that can be used both indoors and out, with some really fun color combinations in the mix. The handwoven rugs would be perfect by the pool or on your yacht (ahem).


Shore Rugs-2-Design Crush

Shore Rugs-3-Design Crush

bikini woman sunbathing on the bow of a luxury yacht

Shore Rugs-5-Design Crush


Leonie Bos

Leonie Bos-1-Design Crush


Leonie Bos‘ architectural illustrations make me recall how much I loved my mechanical drawing class in high school. All of those lovely angles determined by math. I really enjoy the halftones she brings to each piece by using traditional printmaking techniques as well.


Leonie Bos-2-Design Crush

Leonie Bos-3-Design Crush

Leonie Bos-4-Design Crush

Leonie Bos-5-Design Crush

Leonie Bos-6-Design Crush



SACKit-1-Design Crush


I definitely had a beanbag chair growing up, it was pastel green to match one of the colors in the tribal design of my comforter. (Eep.) And to be honest I wouldn’t mind having a few for extra seating as an adult. I especially love these ones from SACKit, because a bit of a back would definitely come in handy in my mid-30s and the addition of a footrest makes them seem extra special.


SACKit-2-Design Crush

SACKit-3-Design Crush

SACKit-4-Design Crush


Christina A. West

Christina A. West-1-Design Crush


There’s much to love about Christina A. West‘s sculpted busts. The realism she employs, the unexpected color, and the creativity of marring something some might consider perfect as is. My favorite, however, is imagining that we all look like a broken open jawbreaker on the inside.


Christina A. West-2-Design Crush

Christina A. West-3-Design Crush

Christina A. West-4-Design Crush

Christina A. West-5-Design Crush

Christina A. West-6-Design Crush

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Cheeky Sweatshirts


Tata from Need Supply Co.

Spring may be making its long-awaited arrival this week, at least here in Pennsylvania, temperatures are in the 60s and 70s and there’s lots of rain on the horizon. I’m ready to vanquish my winter coat to the closet and rely on something a little lighter – like maybe one of these cheeky sweatshirts?



Forever Girl Gang Sweatshirt from // Kanye Attitude with Drake Feelings from Melon Kiss // Let’s Stay in Bed from Mick J



Masculin Féminin Sweatshirt from Clare V. // Nap Queen from Banny Bay //
Obviously Sweatshirt from Brashy Couture



Pretty Womens Sweatshirt from Pink Queen // Wild Sweatshirt from Troye Sivan //
Winking Hearts Sweatshirt from bouffants broken hearts


Carole Rabe

Carole Rabe-1-Design Crush


This isn’t my home, but Carole Rabe‘s oil paintings captures these spaces in much the same way as I view my house. All blurry with warm light at golden hour is my favorite time of day to sit with a glass of wine in the living room.


Carole Rabe-2-Design Crush

Carole Rabe-3-Design Crush

Carole Rabe-4-Design Crush

Carole Rabe-5-Design Crush

Carole Rabe-6-Design Crush