Fundamental Berlin

Fundamental Berlin-1-Design Crush


In my mid-20s I had picture frames everywhere. On the walls and on shelves, featuring friends and family as well as anything else I deemed frame-worthy. At some point I abandoned all but one of me and my mom in a photobooth when I was a few months old. Nothing has managed to change my ways, but then I came across these brass and steel standout beauties from Fundamental Berlin and I think I’m beginning to see the light.


Fundamental Berlin-2-Design Crush

Fundamental Berlin-3-Design Crush

Fundamental Berlin-4-Design Crush

Fundamental Berlin-5-Design Crush


Clare Woods

Clare Woods-1-Design Crush


Clare Woods‘ artworks are full of loose brushstrokes, biomorphic shapes, and a color palette I can’t get enough of. I’m especially drawn towards the nearly macabre looking portraits she favors, with all of their dark shapes and mystery.


Clare Woods-2-Design Crush

Clare Woods-3-Design Crush

Clare Woods-4-Design Crush

Clare Woods-5-Design Crush


Ceri Hoover

Ceri Hoover-1-Design Crush


Simple but never boring, that’s a perfect description of Ceri Hoover. The Nashville-based company uses materials sourced from the world’s finest leather purveyors and employs American artisans to handcraft their bags and shoes. The line is full of lovely detailing and timeless designs, any piece would be a fantastic addition to a modern wardrobe.


Ceri Hoover-2-Design Crush

Ceri Hoover-3-Design Crush

Ceri Hoover-4-Design Crush

Ceri Hoover-5-Design Crush

Ceri Hoover-6-Design Crush


Caitlyn Murphy

Caitlyn Murphy-1-Design Crush


Caitlyn Murphy‘s slice of life gouache paintings capture everything from corner bodegas to backyards with pets to sporting events. I love her way of blurring the details in favor of the bigger picture.


Caitlyn Murphy-2-Design Crush

Caitlyn Murphy-3-Design Crush

Caitlyn Murphy-4-Design Crush

Caitlyn Murphy-5-Design Crush

Caitlyn Murphy-6-Design Crush


Laura Slater

Laura Slater-1-Design Crush


One of the main rules I follow when decorating my own space is this – keep walls and furniture neutral so you can go crazy with accessories. Laura Slater‘s arrestingly bold textiles that focus on the intersection of color and shape are just the kind I’d like to throw into that role.


Laura Slater-2-Design Crush

Laura Slater-3-Design Crush

Laura Slater-4-Design Crush

Laura Slater-5-Design Crush


Print Edition: March


Anchors Aweigh by Jon Contino // Becca Stadtlander Flowers by Little Otsu //
County Line by Max Wanger // Enjoy the Little Things by gumberrypl //
Fruit Art Print Set by Idlewild Co.



La Vie En Rose (Color Wheel) by Yellow Owl Workshop // Night Night by Mathilde Cabanas //
Owl Sketch by Isaiah K. Stephens // Relax There’s Whiskey by Allison Comu //
Table Top by Lovely Sweet William



Wayward-1-Design Crush


Creating moments of unexpected beauty in everyday living is Wayward‘s mission. The New York-based multidisciplinary design studio creates home products and personal accessories by expert craftsmen and women. Wayward then partners with workshops and small factories in the U.S. to bring those designs to life, honoring the makers behind them along the way. Linen and leather pillows, tote bags and pouches, and jewelry all shine within their current collection.


Wayward-2-Design Crush

Wayward-3-Design Crush

Wayward-4-Design Crush

Wayward-5-Design Crush

Wayward-6-Design Crush


Ori Gersht / On Reflection

Ori Gersht-1-Design Crush


Stay with me for a minute while I explain exactly what you’re seeing in Ori Gersht’s On Reflection. They are in fact photographs, photographs of mirrors reflecting flowers using no digital manipulation whatsoever. Gersht used an extremely high shutter speed to capture each moment as they were being electrocuted. The flowers themselves are fake, three separate arrangements were created that reference famous floral paintings by Jan Brueghel the Elder. Each photo is focused on the surface of the mirrored tempered glass rather than the reflection, sharpening the breaks in the glass. (Did you catch all that?)


Ori Gersht-2-Design Crush

Ori Gersht-3-Design Crush

Ori Gersht-4-Design Crush

Ori Gersht-5-Design Crush

Ori Gersht-6-Design Crush


Wire Number

Wire Numbers-1-Design Crush


It’s not easy to find good looking house numbers, I’ll tell you that much. Wire Number is a numerical system for both indoors and outdoors, inspired by the customized door numbers on old streets and downtown neon lights. After the necessary machine-made processes, skilled craftsmen bend each wire into several specific curves to form every number.


Wire Numbers-2-Design Crush

Wire Numbers-3-Design Crush

Wire Numbers-4-Design Crush

Wire Numbers-5-Design Crush

Wire Numbers-6-Design Crush


See America: A Celebration of Our National Parks & Treasured Sites

Save America-1-Design Crush


Have a love for both nature and America? See America: A Celebration of Our National Parks & Treasured Sites was created to coincide with the centennial anniversary of the National Parks Service. Featuring artwork for 75 national parks and monuments across all 50 states, See America celebrates our nation’s landmarks and wilderness as well as revives the legacy of the WPA travel posters. Destinations are catalogued in the order they were established, and 1% of sales will support the National Parks Conservation Association through 2017.


Save America-2-Design Crush

Save America-3-Design Crush

Save America-4-Design Crush

Save America-5-Design Crush

Save America-6-Design Crush