Best of 2016: January to April

After taking a few days off to enjoy the holiday I’m doing something new, today through Friday I’ll be sharing my favorite art and design posts from 2016. It’s been amazing to look back at all of the talent we’ve covered over the past twelve months! I’m pumped to get started with 2017 next week as well because we have some fresh columns that I hope you’re going to love as much as I do!


42 Pressed // Advice to My 80 Year Old Self // Agata Wierzbicka // Alexandra Valenti


Ashley Eliza Williams // Carina Shoshtary // Christina A. West // A Floral Laden Brunch


Fox & Ramona // Fundamental Berlin // Henrietta Harris // Ilot


Jollypop // Jonas Wood // Julian Meagher // Knot Pillow


Larry Mantello // Layer // Layla Holzer // Lee Coren


Lisa Smirnova // Liz Orton // Lui Ferreyra // Marta Spendowska


Monica Rohan // Nick Knight // Pinch // Richard Keeling


Sandra Eterovic // Sarah Tanat Jones // Shore Rugs // Tim Moore


Victoria Wagner // Wire Numbers // Zsolt Hlinka // Showdown

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