Bake It Pretty.

Meet Bake It Pretty. A shop devoted to inspired baking supplies and adornments. Within the walls of her shop, owner Amanda has managed to include not only one but two of my vices: pretty packaging and nostalgic candy. The only question is which to order first!


Rewind Coffee, Tea + Cocoa.

I’m a coffee lover right down to my very core, but I’d be lying if I said I loved Rewind‘s packaging for any other reason that the retro design. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure their products are equally amazing, but the package is definitely the big sell here. Oh, and the fact that their site mentions something about decaf being like kissing your sister is pretty awesome, too!


MOR Cosmetics.

MOR Cosmetics is the brainchild of Australian designers, Dianna Burmas and Deon St.Mor. Thanks to their combined experiences in visual merchandising and industrial design, as well as a shared love for travel, food and the arts a brand was launched. MOR, meaning peacock in Hindi, is as luxurious to look at as it is to use.


Häagen-Dazs five.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m a freak of nature and don’t really like ice cream all that much. But I’d be willing to look the other way and try Häagen-Dazs five. It’s all natural with only five (heh) ingredients and some pretty eye-catching packaging. And the flavors looks like something I might be interested in: mint, ginger, coffee, vanilla bean, passion fruit, brown sugar and milk chocolate. Has anyone tried it out yet?



Australian-made Karpati nail polishes are free from toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate which is great because they’re all unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals.

But what I would buy this polish for is the bottle design alone. It’s super functional by slipping over two fingers, eliminating the need for a surface to set the bottle on. I’ve spilled more than my share of nail polish and ruined countless things in the process and this is such a simple, effective design solution. (Although it irks me that the image has dark red being painted onto orangey-red nails, which is odd and inconsistent… is that strange?)


Daylesford & Hepburn Sparkling Mineral Water.

Melbourne-based Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. has some of the prettiest candy-colored fruit-flavored sparkling mineral waters I’ve ever seen. Not only do I love the retro-y looking labels, but their products are all natural, sustainable and local – they bottle and package only 100km from the water source. Sad for me, since it’s going to be a scorcher today and these look awful refreshing, but awesome for the Aussies who were tired of seeing imported water all over their local restaurants. They now have this amazing brand and product to call their own.

:: via Cool Hunting


Fire Design.

Upon seeing these rad fire extinguishers from Fire Designs I realized I don’t have one in my house. In any way, shape or form. Should a fire break out I would currently be armed with a bucket I could fill with water and the hose thingy on my sink (should the blaze be within 3′). These not only make me realize that I really need to invest in one, but they also make me want one this cool!

:: via The Dieline


Peeled Snacks.

I’m on a colorful kick today and really digging the packaging for Peeled Snacks! I like how the color is the real star of each pouch design. Seems like a good product, too, gluten free and high fiber for those of you watching.



The Falksalt site is in Swedish a forgeign language (German perhaps?), so all I can really discern is how pretty the packaging is and that it’s most likely delicious. Both of which are quite enough for me.

:: via Lovely Package


Revelry Vinters.

Can’t say that I’ve ever turned down a box of wine. But this box of vino from Revelry Vinters is extraordinary. Not to mention space saving or the fact that you’d be proud if someone saw it kicked back in your fridge. And the fact that the company actually cares a good deal about how their wine is packaged is a total turn on.

:: via the Dieline