Petter Hanberger.

If you get a chance definitely check out the portfolio of Petter Hanberger. He’s pretty much the definition of creative – the breadth of his work is amazing. These two are my favorite projects on his site.
67 pieces of artwork. All handfolded, packaged signed and numbered by hand. I hope they will give the tea and its bag a new meaning for me and anyone else who gets one.

Petite France is bakery/pastry/lunch cafe at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. They are well known in the neighborhood for high quality and a genuine passion for pastries. We found the word “meet” relevant to resume Petite France; the dough meets the baker, the costumer meets the cafe, the bread meets the costumer, France meets Sweden etc. The result was a number of patterns meeting in a Petite France patchwork. Collaboration with Zorica Radovic.


O de Oliva.

If you read the olive oil descriptions on the O de Oliva site it sounds like a selection of fine wines.

“It has a very smooth taste, with hints of almonds and green apples.”

“It is a fruity oil, smooth yet persistent, with a long-lasting aroma, both on the palette and in the memory.”

“Fruity taste of ripe olive with a light taste of apple, slightly bitter and spicy.”

And the bottles look like something you’d proudly display in your kitchen with their simple, lovely design.

:: via the Dieline


Skeem Design.

2-in-1 products are the best. (Okay, not 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, but I’ll save that battle for another day.) Skeem Design falls under the favorable category. As in their candles are poured into stunningly silk-screened vessels that are reusable as drinking glasses once you’re done burning the candle. And their beautifully designed eau de parfums double as room sprays. Love it.


Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia Wines.

I’m loving the clean, simple packaging of Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia wines.

“With Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia, we have hand-selected wines from around the world to begin a journey into understanding how wine is tied to and influenced by culture. Geography, history, food and religion, to name a few, all determine how and why wine is made and enjoyed. Our winemaking team traveled to Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Argentina – five countries where wine cultivation has thrived for centuries, to choose varietals that best represent the culture and traditions of each of these storied winegrowing regions. In turn, Encyclopedia wines are proud storytellers.”

:: via the Dieline


Panettone by Purpose.

Sometimes it’s nice to realize I’m not entirely nut-zo. For the past few Christmases whenever I see a box of panettone I always think Pantone in my head. Apparently the designers at Purpose were on the same wavelength when creating at this piece for Greenford Printing!

By building on the familiar language of colour specification, Pantone swatches initiated the main theme for our concept. ‘Panettone’ created a colourful twist on the traditional Italian Christmas cake. The Panettone boxes arrive as a set of 5, featuring special dates from Christmas Eve to New Years Day, each one representing a different pantone colour.

:: via The Dieline


Caffeine Tees.

Jeremiah from Laughing Hyena emailed me over the weekend to share his Series 1: Caffeine tees. Besides the tees I’m digging the coffee bag packaging – a super nice touch!

He really tells it best: Laughing Hyena designs and produces creative tees for the independent thinker by deconstructing pop culture a single subject at a time. Each series highlights key components with an emphasis on typography as wearable art. In addition to the fresh and modern approach of Laughing Hyena comes a moral mission as well. A percentage of the profits from the sale of its shirts will be donated to a cause related to the “single subject” of the series. The reason is simple. Donating to a just cause, “just cause…” is a nice thing to do. All of our designs are screen printed on 100% cotton (some orgainc cotton) high quality, American made, sweatshop free t-shirts. A percentage of the profits from the sale of Series 1 will be donated to “Coffee Lifeline” a Freeplay Foundation project This innovative project seeks to empower coffee farmers in producing countries by utilizing self-powered radios to provide access to information and education in isolated rural areas. “It’s not a hand out, it’s a hand up.”