Coco-luxe Confections.

While flipping through some older bookmarks I came across Coco-luxe Confections and immediately started salivating something fierce. The truffle guide is brilliant – I always hate having to guess what’s on the inside. They remedy this by putting the most obvious illustrations on each piece to identify them. And they’re packaging is whimsical without going overboard. Love it.


Ugly Mug Coffee.

Sometimes I’m a bag blogger. I’m talking to you, Ugly Mug Coffee. Not only had I bookmarked you months ago after seeing your fabulousness (somewhere I’ve long forgotten), but you even emailed me yourselves and I’ve neglected to put out. A post that is.

That brings us to the here, the now. Because Holy Packaging this stuff sure is good lookin’. It’s that hot guy who walks in the room and you think he’s just easy on the eyes, but then you talk to him and he’s got brains and a sense of humor, too. Almost too good to be true. (I did say almost.)


Coffee Spoon.

As I sit at my desk this morning enjoying a lovely cup of gas station joe, the Coffee Spoon by product designer Hye-Yeon Choi is begging to be talked about. Intended to be a simple solution for diner-type restaurants, this all in one straw-like design holds both the instant coffee and the sugar/creamer in one neat package. When the contents are poured out, you use the package itself as a spoon to stir your brew. Fascinating concept at the least, don’t you think?

:: via laissezfaire



Check out Activate.

Apparently vitamins lose their potency while sitting in water – who knew? Activate physically separates the two until the instant you open the bottle. That’s the moment they’re released from a specially designed moisture-resistant chamber hidden in a compartment in the underside of the cap. As of now there are four flavors available (Vitamin = Fruit punch, Immunity = Orange, Antioxidant = Berry, Energy = Lemon lime) and Activate is only in retail locations on the coasts. Hopefully they’ll spread like wildfire because I’m eager to try the functionality of this packaging out.


360 Vodka.

Not as if a lot of us need a great reason to toss one back, but 360 Vodka is giving us one anyway. The eco luxury vodka is crafted from a philosophy of eco-awareness and corporate responsibility. These ideas are then brought to fruition through their greener processes and products. During just the labeling process the company saves 113 grown trees, 48,371 gallons of water and 5,409 pounds of solid waste. The bottles are even 85% recycled glass. From the looks of it all you’d never guess what sort of liquid was floating around inside!

:: via yumsugar


Lovejoy Vodka.

Really lovely package design for Lovejoy Vodka by ID Branding. There are four labels available, allowing the buyer to fit the design to their mood and taste at any given moment. New designs will be released with time and older ones retired, making each a sort of collector’s item. Love it.

:: via The Dieline


this water.

this water is simple: a blend of pure fruit juices, crushed fruit and pure spring water. I love the fun, whimsical feeling of the label for something so honestly simple. Has anyone seen this beverage in stores outside of the UK?

:: via The Dieline



honibe introduces the Honey Drop, the world’s first pure, non-sticky honey that you can hold. Use it to sweeten your tea, coffee or hot water. Just stir it in and enjoy. One Honey Drop equals a teaspoon of liquid honey. I truly love this idea!