Askinosie Chocolate.

What happens when a criminal defense lawyer is a chocoholic baker on the side? Askinosie Chocolate of course. In May 2005, Shawn Askinosie quit his day job and pursued chocolate making. (His story is a lot more interesting that that, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself!)

I love chocolate. But if it’s possible, I may love good packaging more. And this here is some very good packaging design. The earthy palette and materials feel very true to what Askinosie was originally out to accomplish – honest to goodness chocolate. Not something that been processed to there and back. Everything feels just rustic enough – like it came to you directly from the source.

Oh, and I bet the chocolate is pretty yummy!


Essential 1800.

1800 Tequila is currently featuring artwork by those they deem “essential artists.” Those creating the world’s most vital work at this very moment. The featured works are as diverse as the artists themselves, hailing from the world over and creating work which reflects not only their personalities, but their backgrounds as well. The art hasn’t been restricted to canvases either. Try pixels and street corners as well. On that same note, the artists’ creations will not only be shown in outdoor exhibitions, but also on limited edition 1800 bottles and custom-designed shoes. How’s that for thinking outside the box?


Stirrings Cocktail Sodas.

Stirrings makes some tasty cocktail mixers, but who knew they also make a line of cocktail sodas created specifically to be paired with spirits? Me neither. I’ve always loved the design of their bottles and like how they really let the product speak louder than anything else. But I’m a little in love with the soda packaging and candy-like colors. How sweet would a row of these look adorning your “bar”?



Each Choclatea bar is a layered experiment containing high quality Belgian chocolate and finely crushed organic tea. Choose from twelve tastes ranging from very dark chocolate to white and pairings such as Pomegranate White Tea and Pistachio Green Tea. Each has its own illustrated identity which in turn becomes the focal point of the chocolate bar packaging on a simple white background.

:: via The Dieline


Smart Spice.

Introducing Smart Spice. These spices, herbs, and kitchen essentials are of the highest quality. They’re fresh, organic, and packaged in pre-measured, single-use packets. Just tear one open, toss it in, and the unused packets stay freshly sealed awaiting their turn. Instead of having a crowded spice cabinet with bottles of spice growing stale and tasteless, cooks have on-demand freshness.

A more than genius idea. As much as I love my spice rack it doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. I’d love to be able to buy top shelf goodies to fill its jars, but because I don’t use them all the time things tends to end up clumpy and stale. So what’s the point? Problem solved. Each of the Smart Spice packets is pre-measured into one teaspoon. Each box contains four packets. I love the design as well and that the prominence rests on the name of the spice.

NOTE: Smart Spice is not available yet. Hang in there for Fall 2008!

:: via Cool Hunting


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

Columbus, OH-based Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is well known for its creative flavor combinations and quality ingredients used in all of their ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts. All flavors are inspired by local dairy and fruit. It’s also interesting that Jeni’s uses NO eggs because she believes they distract from the flavor of the cream. Instead she uses small amounts of corn starch and gelatin as thickeners.

There’s nothing better than a quality product in equally outstanding packaging. Jeni’s is spot-on, relying on clear plastic containers and a handwritten font that really allows the ice cream to be the star. At the same time it also reminds you that all of Jeni’s frozen treats are handmade in small batches.

Founder Jeni Britton is featured in this month’s Food & Wine magazine in How to Make Ice Cream Like an Artisan. I’m pumped that the article contains lots and lots of her recipes as well.


Terra Medi.

Most well designed bottles fall into one of three product categories: wine, vinegar or olive oil. So it’s really no surprise how lovely Terra Medi’s packaging of their Greek and organic extra virgin olive oil happens to be. They also offer a selection of vinegars, sesame oil, olives, olivades and olive bruschetta. This product line alone calls for open shelving in the kitchen.


Breath Palette.

Breath Palette carries toothpaste and mouthwash in 18 different flavors, and I’m not talking cinnamon or mint. Try Monkey Banana, White Peach and Pumpkin Pudding – just to name a few. Every flavor is guaranteed to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh with a menthol finish. The flavors are created using infused oils so your grill won’t be left tasting like day old espresso.

:: via Rare Bird Finds



At least once a week I’m reminded of just how much I loved living in Minneapolis. This week it’s courtesy of Sweet, a chocolate shop that resides in the Twin Cities. Love the color palette and bold, yet demur graphics. I guarantee that if I were lucky enough to get my hands on this one, the packaging wouldn’t go anywhere near the trash.

:: via The Dieline