Susie Ghahremani is the incredibly talented illustrator behind Boygirlparty who recently expanded her web presence with the Shop at Not only am I impressed with her continually growing abilities, but also with her papergoods. How much fun are her recipe cards?! Lovely job, Susie.


Round Up: 2008 Calendars.

SuzyJack 2008 Deluxe Wall Calendar

Jumping Point 2008 Calendar by Michael Domberger

Pentagram 2008 Typography Calendar

2008 Botanical Desk Calendar by Little Tree Press

2008 Calendar template by Little Hut

2008 Limited Edition Letterpress Calendar by Albertine Press

2008 Calendar by Erin Ruth

Bodoni Typographic 2008 Calendar by Retro Garden

2008 Gocco Printed Desk Calendar by Ebony Paws

2008 Floral Calendar by GallardoWorks

Modern Art Everyday 2008 Desk Calendar

2008 Letterpress Calendar by Pearl Papers

2008 SampsonMay Calendars via Happy Cavalier

2008 Calendar by Debi van Zyl

2008 Silkscreened Calendar no. 2 by estasketch

2008 Calendar illustrated by Flora & Fauna

2008 Calendar by Just Another Day

2008 Happify Calendar

2008 Letterpress Calendar by green chair press

2008 Desk Calendar by Cecily Ink

Linda & Harriett 2008

Good on Paper 2008 Calendar

Happy Days Calendar by pikku

2008 Calendar by port2port


Holiday Cards at Night Owl Paper Goods.

I have two obsessions when it comes to the holidays: colored glass ornaments and finding the perfect Christmas cards to send out. Make that three if you count trying not to kill anyone – family or not – while traveling during this most festive time of year.

Night Owl Paper Goods are close to checking one of those items off of my list. I’m loving their holiday cards and am thrilled that they released a series of wooden cards outside of their everyday collection.



In a world where there are plenty of chances to be rude and inconsiderate on a daily basis, Civilettes give us an opportunity to focus on the good for a change. These portable thank-yous are designed to fit into a purse, pocket or wallet and guaranteed to impress the recipient. Each card is aided by the “Please reuse” printed on the back urging the paying forward of the much under-used and always appreciated Thank You.


Cotton Idea Studio.

Cotton Idea Studio has opened their doors to an online shoppe. Congratulations Mindy! To celebrate CIS is offering 15% off your order until November 15th – just enter debut at checkout!


Fresh Style Card File.

When I first saw the Fresh Style card file I thought it was a cool way to organize my ever-growing card collection. But then I saw that it actually comes with a set of twelve cards – 4 birthday, 4 thank-you and 4 sentiments – and matching envelopes and it made it that much better.


Modern Printed Matter.

Modern Printed Matter is the Rhode Island-based brainchild of Anna Cote. MPM originally began as a “night and weekends” endeavor and quickly turned into something much more – with good reason, the girl has talent. As of May 2007 Anna has made MPM her full-time job and in September opened up an Etsy shop. Her designs are clean, modern and fun and a must check-out for anyone who loves papergoods.

My favorites are the fun cards and tags below. I’m also an admitted sucker for her 2008 Desktop Botanical Calendar that I posted about here.


Mean Cards.

Mean Cards by Julianna Holowka are fantasticly awesome.

A. Because I love anything with a stick figure.
B. Stick figures saying funny things are good.
C. This is how I feel today. I came down with a cold yesterday and it’s going to ruin my entire birthday weekend if it doesn’t get out of here real fast!


Crackpot Weekly Calendar.

The 2008 Crackpot Calendar features a selection of awesome illustrations. Each calendar page showcases a new image – one per week from a total of fifty-six. There are two options for display – from the wall or propped on a desk. I love it because who wants to wait an entire month before changing the calendar? Lovely idea and execution.



bread + butter.

If you haven’t yet seen the amazing work of Carol, Deb and Kelly at bread + butter you’re definitely missing out. Their letterpress is amazing, but I’m incredibly attracted (yes, you can be attracted to paper products) to their embossed white-on-white cards. The fronts are adorned with simple phrases such as I’m sorry and WTF which pleasingly pop off the background. Sometimes simple says it best of all.