EmmaRose Papery.

It’s always reassuring to come across ex-advertisers and graphic designers who are only exes because they’ve found their true calling career-wise. These are people who I am in awe of. And I’d be lying if I said I weren’t the tiniest bit envious.

The latest case I’ve found is EmmaRose Papery, started by Eszter Rabin in 2005. Originally an ad girl, Eszter now spends her days creating custom-designed wedding invitations, stationery and cards. Seems like the thought of having a complete and comprehensive “campaign” followed with her collections of invitations, menus, table cards, etc.


Eco-Friendly Wooden Cards.

Well, technically postcards. These eco-friendly wooden cards from Night Owl Paper Goods are beautiful and such a novel idea. The postcards are a product of sustainable-yield forest management. The wood is cut thin and very little power and no water are used in the process. According to Night Owl, the wood grain varies from card to card, creating something that’s one of kind for every print. The earthy colors used add to the eco-friendly feel very nicely. I’d love to come home to one of these waiting for me in the mailbox.

Besides their awesome wooden cards, they’ve got a nicely-designed site working for them. Love the little owls in the logo!


Bird & Banner.

Bird & Banner has been in my peripherals for a while now. When I checked out their site recently I was really impressed by the way they handled their samples. I love the way each piece is accompanied by a story about how it came to be – I feel like I’m getting the whole story and not just the end result. And I’m absolutely in love with the B&B logo.


Felix Doolittle.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Felix Fu creates tiny watercolors that capture life through Felix Doolittle. Each piece is like a miniature work of art in which an English influence is evident. Fu’s signature style includes full color illustrations and quality heavy paper.

My favorites are the wide selection of bookplates and food labels. I know at least one person on my Christmas list who will be getting a set of these come December!


Letter Pressed.

Love these minimal, type-only cards from Letter Pressed. I found it interesting that the owner used to work in desktop publishing – maybe the reason for the word heavy design?


New Elum.

It seems everyone has been posting about Elum’s gorgeous new paper products over the past month. Not too be a copy-cat, but I have to join the group because they’re that incredible. Check out these letter sets, journals and gift bags! I’m feeling the yellow and white journal, it just may have to be mine.


Cotton Idea Studio.

Cotton Idea Studio has a beautiful web site as well beautiful papers by Delphine, Deluce, Egg Press, Elum, Hable Construction, Mr. Boddington, Night Owl, Page, Paper + Cup and Snow & Graham among others. Designer and businesswoman Mindy Gayer also contributes her own creations to the mix of social correspondence, invitations and accoutrements.


You Are Here.

Love, love, love this poster from Johnson Banks. It’s so clever and entirely too truthful.

“This project dates back to the mid-nineties, and was originally meant to be a tongue-in-cheek, semi-autobiographical but mainly fictional guide to graphic design for students. It soon spiralled out of control and became a bittersweet journey through the many different lives of a graphic designer.”

This is the third printing of the poster and each time a few new blurbs pop up on it. You can get one at the Johnson Banks shop for £20 plus shipping.


Strawberry Luna.

I fell in utter like with Strawberry Luna before finding out the company is based in Pittsburgh – my old stomping grounds for eighteen and a half years. Something about that endears them even more to me. I’m a sucker for a good concert poster and at Strawberry Luna I had a tough time finding one I didn’t like, in fact I couldn’t. Here are just a few of my favorites.