Yee-Haw Industries.

Yee-Haw Industries has made my Monday morning – and don’t we all need something to do that?

YHI specializes in original art-like products – from letterpress posters promoting special events, music acts and theatre shows to handmade, woodcut, fine art prints. All of their work is custom-to-order, designed, set, and pressed by hand.

They’ve also managed to feed my obsession with calendars which is never a bad thing in my eyes.

:: via CasaSugar


Lizard Press.

I love some good vintage type and that’s just what you’ll find at Lizard Press. Every piece is designed and handprinted with wood, lead and polymer plates on recycled cotton paper. Everything is a limited edition, too, which makes infinitly more special to own. And I just noticed some newly added block-print Christmas cards that are both graphic and lovely.


Eames House of Cards.

Most of us are familiar with the power and creative talents of Charles and Ray Eames. Their furniture, films and photographs show their ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary on so many platforms. This set of cards was designed by Charles in 1952 and contains 32 interlocking pieces featuring colorful images. Pictures of “the animal, mineral and vegetable kingdoms,” as well as textiles and patterns from the Eames’ collections. So, so fun.



Desktop calendars are a rather new obsession for me. I think there’s just something wonderful about the miniaturized months as opposed to traditional-sized wall calendars that most of us are used to. This is the time of year when I start looking around for next year’s date keepers and a desktop calendar is on my list of Must Haves. It’s not that iCal, my cell, etc aren’t handy it’s just that, well, these are so much prettier. Here are the contenders so far.

Gina B. Desk Calendar – Broadway Paper
2008 Letterpress Calendar – ilee papergoods
Screen/Gocco Printed Botanical Calendar – Modern Printed Matter



imogene is a lovely little online shop out of Baltimore run by Annie, Steve and Joey their pitbull. the coolest thing is that they deal directly with imogene’s featured designers, maintain their own site and ship everything to you themselves. it’s literally a two-and-a-half man studio. Definitely stpo by and check out the goods. I especially dig their paper selection and jewelry.