Clip-Art Calendar.

Leave it to The Martha to come up with a downloadable (is that even a word?) clip-art desk calendar. Well-designed since we would expect nothing less from her. Tip: Print it at 85% to get it to fit into the jewel case properly.

For those of you who harbor a secret (or not so secret) obsession with desk calendars like me, I’ve been updating the Round Up: 2008 Calendars as I fall in love with more and more.


Bemi Designs Bookmarks.

I’ve been really into the idea of sewing on paper lately. I have yet to give it a go myself, but I’ve found quite a few people who have. My latest favorite is Bemi Designs and their bookmarks. I really like that the sewing is used to compliment the paper and isn’t the basis of the design idea.


Martha’s Gift Tags.

The Martha has some great gift tags available through her line at Michael’s. I wish I had the time to devote to wrapping gifts that this woman supposedly does, but twenty to thirty minutes per gift is not feasible!


Napkin Notebook.

Some of the biggest ideas in the world started as a little sketch on a cocktail napkin.

The business plan for Southwest Airlines. Picasso’s earliest sketch of Guernica. The first sentence in A Farewell to Arms. All brilliant ideas that started out on a napkin. Imagine if they’d had a whole napkin notebook.

Now it’s your turn.


ORK Posters.

I’ve seen these little ORK Poster beauties floating around lately and I heart them 100%. I’ve seen this idea done before but not nearly as successfully (in my humble opinion). Love the bold graphic look and use of type, not to mention the minimal color.


Uncooked Cards.

The snarky writing, typewriter font and minimal illustrations make these cards by Uncooked are the perfect recipe. (Yes, I’m feeling punny today.) My favorite is the first one about French kissing.


Truth Hurts.

The plain type on these simple white cards definitely drive the point home on these Truth Hurts cards. Choose from I know in my heart that you lied., There’s something you should know. and I meant what I said. Although I can think of a few situations where the last two cards could be used in really sweet situations. Each card set comes with two flat cards bearing each sentiment plus envelopes.


Filigree Cupcake Wrapper.

I’ve seen these filigree cupcake wrappers several places by now and believe me, I realize I’m a little late to the party. Oh well though, because between my love of cupcakes and papergoods I can’t not post anything about them. They’re incredible! What an innovative, beautiful way to dress up something that we’re used to seeing a certain way (RE: in an unattractive pan liner).

:: via the first place I saw them black . white . bliss