Happy Weekend


+ CMYK Twister – this needs to be a real thing.

+ Irina Werning’s BACK TO THE FUTURE photography project is ridiculously accurate.

+ Beer + Marshmallows = YESSSSS

+ A vintage postcard time line of Times Square.

+ Ooh, definitely going to make these string + paperclip earrings.

+ Cocktail infographics! If only they were in English…

Happy Weekend!


Debbie Carlos.

I was first introduced to the work of Debbie Carlos about a month ago by Joslyn. What struck me (besides the lovely imagery) was that I recognized her printing technique but couldn’t put my finger on it. After checking out Debbie’s site I found out she was printing on a plotter, which is normally used for architectural drawings and the like. It’s a format I’ve used for some of my own work in the past and mentally sent out a high five in her direction.



Photographers Sofia Wraber and Nanna Kreutzmann took photos of 101 men – aging from newborn to centurion – for their project entitled simply enough, 101. It put the idea in my head of taking the same photo of someone every year from birth to death. I think if I ever have children that might be something I try to accomplish.

PS: There’s a follow-up in the works starring one hundred women.