Beth Retro.

Blow me over like a feather, I’m smitten with Beth Retro and her pretty series of photos featuring a strand of fairy lights. I love the monochromatic theme of each one and how the slightly blurry focus makes them feel all the more magical.


Win It: Sara Norris Photography.

I own more cameras than anyone has a right to. From a point and shoot 35mm to a Polaroid and everywhere in between. Cameras are something I’ve been fascinated with all my life – I got my first Fisher Price one when I was 5. And as much as I love, love, love all of them, I don’t use them as much as I should. It’s always Oh, I wish I had a camera right now or I don’t want to stuff yet another thing in my purse.

That’s why I envy people like Sara Norris. True photographers who catch every day life through the lens of their camera. Who never fail to capture a moment or the mundane in a different light. This week Sara is offering one of her stunning 8 X 8″ photographs to one of you lucky ducks! Winner’s choice, my two favorites are seen above.

To Enter:
1. Tell me about your favorite photo of yourself
2. Leave your email address (those who do not will be disqualified)
3. Do it all before Monday, September 21st at 9am CST

While you anxiously await next Monday at 9:01 am, you can get your dose of Sara at her website, blog and flickr account!


Aaron Feaver.

Aaron Feaver is an obviously gifted photographer. The way he makes his work look so effortless and in the moment is proof enough of that.

I’m head over heels for his Oceanside series where he perfectly captures the hazy, hot days of summer.


Win It: for me, for you.

Holy crap am I excited about this giveaway! Kate and I started talking about this a few months before her new shop was even up and running. And now the day is finally here and I’m thrilled – thrilled I tell you – to announce this week’s giveaway from for me, for you! Lovely and awesome Kate is giving away a digital print of the massively cool I Employ Magical Thinking to one of you lucky ducks!

To Enter:
1. If you had a superpower what would it be?
2. Leave your name, a last initial and your email address.
(Unfortunately, those who do not will be automatically disqualified.)

3. Do it all before Monday, June 15 at noon CST

So let’s hear ’em! Can you fly? Are you invisible? Or is it something miles cooler that we’ve never even thought of? A random winner will be announced shortly after the contest ends. Good luck and check out Kate’s blog of the same name – for me, for you – in the meantime!


Max Wanger.

Everyone is crushing on Max Wanger. And with very good reason – his engagement and wedding photography is stellar. As in super galactic stellar. As in I’d rather spend $100 on my non-existent wedding and a million on a photo shoot with him. Yeah, that kind of great.