Callie Shell.

I’m a little politicked out you could say, but that’s not keeping me from loving this Time feature on photographer Callie Shell.

Four years ago Time photographer Callie Shell met Barack Obama backstage when she was covering presidential candidate John Kerry. She sent her editor more photographs of Obama than Kerry. When asked why, she said, “I do not know. I just have a feeling about him. I think he will be important down the road.” Her first photo essay on Obama was two and half years ago. She has stuck with him ever since.

On the campaign bus driving through New Hampshire, 1/6/2008.

Senator Obama was doing press interviews by telephone in a holding room between events. Sometime later as he was getting ready to begin his event, he asked me if I was photographing his shoes. When I said yes, he told me that he had already had them resoled once since he entered the race a year earlier. Providence, R.I., 3/1/2008.

It was primary morning in New Hampshire. Barack and Michelle Obama had been campaigning separately all week. In the first few months of 2008 their private time seemed to consist of a few crossover moments in back hallways before rallies. This moment was rare and you could tell they just loved being able to sit together. Jan. 8, 2008.


Lee Jenkins.

I was only recently introduced to Lee Jenkins and his beautiful photography. What took hold of me most is how seamlessly he seems to transition between portraits, fashion and advertising. It seems he can’t miss the target. Second I noticed how effortless and gorgeous he makes all of his “stunt” photography appear. Check it out for yourself.

:: via Black*Eiffel


Nat Finkelstein.

Nat Finkelstein entered Andy Warhol’s Factory as a photojournalist in 1964 and remained for three years; Finkelstein’s photographs from this period are now regarded as some of the most iconic of the time and remain what he is best known for. His photos of Warhol, Edie Sedgewick and the Velvet Underground are haunting and capture the pop culture of the era beautifully.


Amy Stein.

Sometimes I feel so lucky to have come across a certain artist or product because it literally makes my heart skip a beat and go pitter-patter. That’s how I felt when I first laid eyes upon the beautiful photographic work of Amy Stein. Her Domesticated series had me talking out loud to myself about how perfect the lighting was and how beautifully exquisite every single image turned out.


Cig Harvey.

Cig Harvey is the photographer of all photographers in my newly-formed opinion. Anyone who can take ordinary, everyday things and turn them into the extraordinary is something special. Harvey has worked for such clients as Kate Spade, Royal Shakespeare Company and Ralph Lauren – just to name a few. The woman has talent and although I’m a little late to jump on the USS Cig Harvey I think I’ll be signing up for a nice, long journey.


Alexandre Duret-Lutz.

I try and never post two similar topics back-to-back, but when I came across the work of photographer Alexandre Duret-Lutz this morning I knew I’d have to break that rule. The following pieces are photos he took as part of the Worldwide Panorama Event and are completely and utterly breathtaking. Not only am I in awe of the beauty captured, I also want to know how they were accomplished since I’ve never seen any work similar in nature. If they tickle your fancy make sure and check out Duret-Lutz’s site for many, many more.