Daniel Everett.

I’m loving┬áthe photography of Chicago-based Daniel Everett. He definitely has a knack for capturing desolate locations and making them feel alive with invisible energy. Well, that’s my take on it anyway and I’m sticking with it! My favorite? His Disconnect series of Polaroids.


Marcio Simnch.

Innovative. That’s the best word I can come up with to describe both Marcio Simnch’s photography and site design. Simnch’s photos display gorgeous models in an incredibly simplistic form and the end result is breathtaking. The design of his site reflects this perfectly, completely eliminating the need for scroll bars and using minimal navigation.


Nicholas Lorden.

Photography is one of my absolute favorite forms of artistic expression, so I’m not exactly sure why I don’t feature more photographers on Design Crush. Maybe since I have more personal experience in this category versus illustration it takes more to bowl me over. I’m not quite sure. Regardless, whenever a photo emotionally paralyzes me I have no choice but to share it and such is the case with this image by Nicholas Lorden. The framing is amazing as is the perspective. The silhouettes are perfect. The flare on the snowflakes is magical. And the black and white lends itself to all of the above oh-so-well. Lorden captured the moment so that I want to be a part of it and to me that makes a true photographer.


John Huck.

I love John Huck’s work. His most recent exhibition is entitled Couples and revolves around just that: pairs of photographs comprising hundreds of paired off people. Anyone who doesn’t find this incredibly voyeuristic and fascinating is nuts. We’ve all wondered how the homely guy got the hot girl and vice versa, Huck simple puts it out there on the walls for us to stare at. You know, where they can’t catch you staring at them.

Huck’s previous work includes Breakfast, a look into the lives of people and their first meal of the day. Really beautiful photography paired with every day people and basic needs is a fascinating combination when Huck is behind the lens.


Alicia Bock.

These photographs by the very talented Alicia Bock of every day life are incredibly surreal and haunting to me. She’s entirely self-taught, so that makes them that much more amazing. Check out her portfolio as well as her etsy shop.