I drink inordinate amounts of coffee on a daily basis. I haven’t made the Big Switch to espresso yet (and I stress the word yet), but when I do the You&Me espresso machine would be perfect. It’s the smallest in the world, as well as quiet and beautiful. The perfect combination, wouldn’t you agree?


molo float.

molo, a Vancouver-based design studio, is dedicated to exploring materials and space making. Their float line of products is a great representative of that idea. float is a line of thermal-resistant glassware designed with simple forms and clean lines to emphasize anything served within. The suspended bowl design also performs the function of insulating your hand from the beverage. Pictured above are the float tea cups and float champagne flutes.


Avian Carafes.

I’ve never served wine out of anything other than a bottle. Well, except for the occassional box. None the less I adore these Avian Carafes at Wisteria. One is extremely duck-like while the other remains a bit more classical in shape and design.


Sushi-Rolling Machine.

Sushi is a big time weakness of mine. I could eat it once a day, every day. I’ve been in the process of learning how to make the little rolls of goodness myself and getting the roll to be tight enough is where the biggest problem lies. Well, that and getting the right stickiness of the rice.

Last week my prayers were answered – in the form of a toy no less. Check out this sushi-rolling machine by toy manufacturer Bandai Namco. It’s so simple – just put in seaweed, rice and the ingredients of your choice, turn the lever and you have sushi. It’s that easy.

Now I think I need to go and have a sushi party.

(Tokyo Mango)


Chiasso Fruit Stack.

Fall = Apples.
It’s as simple as that.

This Fruit Stack by Chiasso would be perfect to store my favorite Pink Lady apples. The vertical design allows the fruit to ripen without bruising and – my favorite part – doesn’t take up as much space as your average fruit bowl. i generally just put all of my fruit in the fridge, but this would be a great excuse to put it out on display.



I heart Susanna Shaw’s Hover-spoon. The utensils balance on the rim of cups and bowls, appearing to float. Fortunately, the Hover-spoon also provides a clean way of resting your cutlery during dinner. Ironically, there are forks and spoons available in the aesthitcally beautiful collection. I’d feel a little gipped if I were the spoon’s four-pronged, un-named sidekick. You know if, um, forks had feelings and all.


Lemon Squeezer.

Another example of great design at work. It seems like this lemon squeezer at j-me would be perfect for putting a few drops of lemon in your tea or on your salad. Not to mention I think it would make measuring a breeze.


Drink Up.

Everyone has excess coffee mugs in their cabinets – it’s like they breed in there. I’m no exception, but think I could make room for a few more if they were these sleek designs over at tabletools.

Left to right: Bormioli Rocco Oslo Cafe Ware espresso cup 4 for $16.99, Bormioli Rocco Roma coffee mug and saucer 6 piece set for $24.95, WMF Kult Coffee collection $17.95.


De Luxe Plastic Cutlery.

There was a time in my life when I believed that everything kitchen-related should be plastic. I’m happy to have outgrown that phase, however this De Luxe plastic cutlery from Pandora fits right into that mind-set. I’m loving these translucent utensils that have modern-baroque embossing on their handles. Colors available include green, purple, red and blue (apparently no pink, orange, or clear any longer) and are £15 per set.