Columbia Sugar & Creamer Set.

Sugar and creamer sets appeared on my list of things I have ‘Things’ for about six months ago. There are just so many cool, well-designed sets out there that it’s so hard to choose just one. The Columbia sugar & creamer set from Bodum is my newest favorite. I love the polished chrome finish and the fact that both pieces are double-walled to keep your cream extra cold and your sugar extra dry.


Insula Cup.

The Insula Cup, designed by McKay Duncan, has a really organic feel about it. Th exterior texture is gently rippled while the insulated double wall makes the cup cool to the touch while keeping everything inside hot as can be. I think it would also make a great little vase or pencil cup to display on an end table or my (oops, I mean your) desk.


Chocolate Jug.

It’s the perfect time of year for the chocolate jug. The manual blender mixes the chocolate (powder or crushed pieces) and milk producing just the right amount of frothiness. Sounds like chocolatey goodness to me.


The Conran Shop.

I’ve heard a lot about The Conran Shop in the past, but only recently became a fan. Now I’m left wondering what took me so long. The accessories are what really set me off, as well as the fact that so many great pieces are quite affordable. I’m loving these silver tea sets, metal canisters, votive holders and red tray. These pieces are so timelessly chic.


Café pelé.

The Café pelé espresso cup by designer Julie Pfligersdorffer is both beautiful and innovative. I love her idea of making the handle part of the espresso cup by peeling it off of the vessel. Of course, this also means that you can only fill the cup about halfway…


Nigella Lawson: Living Kitchen.

Nigella Lawson is a tad too much for me to bear. Nonetheless, she is a beautiful, intelligent, modern woman who has my full respect. Especially after seeing her line of Living Kitchen kitchenware which makes me swoon. Every piece is beautifully simple and pared down with a color palette to match. I wouldn’t mind one bit adding these pieces to my already too full kitchen!


Hanna Mugs.

Hanna Mugs are the work of Scandinavian designer Hanna Werning. Each design is hand applied onto each mug. Hanna gathered the inspiration for her mug designs from dresser drawers in her childhood. I love the kicky colors and designs of all three mugs: Hanna Black, Hanna Pink and Hanna Blue. I’m not even sure I would use them as “mugs” but maybe place them on my desk to collect paper clips, tacks, etc instead. So pretty.


Bento Box.

Lunchtime can suck if you don’t really have to time to leave the office. I eat a lot of salads. They’re fast, easy, and healthy enough. The problem I run into is how boring they can become. It would be nice to have a change of pace every once in awhile. I don’t live in the largest of cities currently, so I don’t have to worry about public transportation. But I have before and there’s nothing worse than being bogged down with bags and containers on your commute.

That’s why Plastica’s bento boxes are three layers of awesome. They’re the perfect size for lunch and compact. And don’t forget how cute they are either.


Magnets from Skinny laMinx.

I’ve been a loyal follower of Skinny laMinx’s (aka Heather Moore’s) blog for some time now, but only recently hopped over to her etsy shop to check out the goods. And all I can say is wow. I’m not exaggerating when I say I love her hand-cut magnets more than any other magnet I’ve seen. Ever. In my entire life. My favorite has to be the hydrangea on the right.


Staub Teapot.

Yes, it’s possible to fall in love with an innanimate object. the Staub teapot fuses Japanese style with a removable infusion ball and locking stainless handles that actually hold the lid in place. There’s nothing worse than pouring hot water out of a teapot only to have the scolding hot lid fall off against your hand. Kudos to Staub for remedying this in a gorgeous way.