The Kake-Kut’r cuts and serves the perfect piece of cake every time. A great idea that will help keep the icing off of your fingers while entertaining – good design at work, my friends. Currently there are servers for sheet cake, round cake and loaves.


Branch Decanters.

Decanters Nº2 and Nº4 from Etienne Maneau are exquisitely beautiful. You can fill either with the liquid of your choice (both hold about a bottle of wine). Might I suggest drinking it right away so that there aren’t any wine stains to clean out of the decanter?? Talk about a nightmare.

:: via Core77



The Sorapot by Joey Roth is eye-catching with its design of stainless steel and glass. My only question is how to clean the inside cylinder? My guess is that’s why Roth says to only use it for green and white teas. Black is much more likely to stain and discolor. It doesn’t officially launch until February 2008, but you can guarantee yourself one of the first 300 with a deposit.

:: via Core77


Gravy Boat Parade.

I have absolutely no use for a gravy boat and yet I desperately want one. I’ve never served gravy with anything in my life. Any sauce I use goes on before the presentation. And I have way too much in my kitchen cabinets as it is. I spotted these three recently. (Maybe it’s the word “boat” that makes them so fun…)

Gordon Ramsey for Royal Douilton


Tea Code Mugs.

Double-walled cups and mugs seem to be a current trend amongst designers, but that’s not what makes Tea Code mugs ingenious. That, my friend, would be the silicone “button” of the side that allows you to secure the string of your tea bag and keep it from slipping into the mug. The buttons come in three colors, which means that even if you aren’t drinking tea they’ll help with ownership issues. Check out all four styles of the mug: small rounded, small fared, tall rounded and tall flare.


Buddha Bowls.

As of last Sunday I am the proud owner of two shiny white Buddha Bowls. I fell in love with their ergonomic design and dual functionality – is it a bowl or a cup? The answer is both. I can’t wait to use them for some soup or hot chocolate.


Number Plates.

Could these Number Plates by Christopher Jagmin be anymore bold, graphic and wonderful? The answer is no. They’re the perfect dinnerware for a typophile such as myself. I would smile and be giddy every single time I had to set the table. And I would set the table.


Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener.

A super-strong magnet anchors this bottle opener to your refrigerator which then opens bottles with ease. Besides being super cool and functional no one will ever again have to ask “Where’s the bottle opener?!?”, which is always a party foul.



The Orbit bowls from Miam-Miam’s Mushroom Colection make me want to toss out my dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I think mine are great but these just make them seem so boring. The combination of white porcelain and futuristic design is gorgeous.

Then there are the Espresso Towers. The combo of stainless steel and porcelain work together to keep your beverage the perfect temperature. I love the rounded-square shape with those great saucers.

If anything these are at least guaranteed to make your cereal and coffee a real experience!