Amish Made Scooters.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, I developed an affection for the Amish and their simple ways of life. Oh, and their cookies. But if I’d known they were producing scooters and zipping around town on them there would have been a whole ‘nother level of admiration!


BBQ in a Jar.

I’m enthralled with the idea of layered foods on the go, like this BBQ in a Jar. You can also do layered salads and desserts among other things. Perfect for picnicking!


For the Birds.

For the Birds might at first glance appear to be a kicky installation, but nope, they’re actual bird houses. A collaborative effort from San Francisco artists Luke Bartels and Jeff Canham combining craftsmanship and humor, this seedy pun intended village is comprised of eleven bird businesses such as The Condor Club Peep Show, Night Owls Bar and Pigeon Hole Motel. A little posh for the aviation nation in my neighborhood, but so clever. {via Kitsune Noir}


Happy Weekend.

This week has been a bit topsy-turvy (a new theme in my life lately), so I’m thrilled that the weekend is here! It’s going to be filled with the Festival of the Arts, playoff game four of the Thunder v Lakers (4th row!) and dress shopping for a family wedding next month. Happy Weekend!

+ I can’t wait to try out a banana drizzled with honey + sprinkled with almond slivers for breakfast this weekend

+ I’m lusting after this ruffly tunic-style dress

+ Make recycling more stylish and download these bin labels

+ A sweet Just Because card to brighten someone’s day

+ Danni + Nick’s beautiful engagement photos

+ Continue the relief efforts in Haiti through the Haiti Poster Project

+ Check out the cardboard box that will fit anything

+ I’m dying to make one of these DIY fabric pup tents

+ Print off some of these mini wallpaper notes + envelopes this weekend

+ Love the idea of a fleur de lawn – so easy to maintain!

+ Have you seen Jessi Arrington’s rainbow birthday?

+ Colleen Baran creates a ring every single day out of ordinary objects

+ Love, love, love this NYC wedding!



One of my domestic dreams is to have the be all, end all of backyards. Different nooks and crannies to sit in and wile away the hours, lots of greenery hanging here and there and a gorgeous stone fireplace. And now when I think about it all I see is the furniture from Gardenhouse. PS: I’ve had that yellow loveseat bookmarked for ages with no idea of its origin. Fate!


Happy Weekend.

{via sabino}

+ I adore this ruffly jersey dress

+ This typographic fox by Laszlo is decorating my desktop as I type

+ Read this carefully: Rootbeer Float Ice Cream

+ I’m on the hunt for a bike and I’ve just added these to my list

+ Fabric ‘notebook paper’

+ I’m so excited about pour porter’s new shop!

+ A very sweet notepad + envelope download from a print a day

Happy Weekend!

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