Happy {Easter} Weekend.

+ not one, but two ways to make chocolate Easter surprise eggs

+ loving the current trend of visually documenting a pregnancy

+ scads of April calendars to download: 1, 2, 3,

+ April’s Designer Desktop download

+ a cute Easter basket printable to stuff with treats

+ shabby-chic spring tea envelopes for your tea-loving friends

+ the Yolk Folk + the Carrot Crew Easter paper toy crafts

+ I’d love to make a batch of these Hot Cross Buns this weekend

+ a great roundup on jewelry storage for under $100

+ seed packet printables

+ spring CD sleeve and playlist to download + enjoy

+ genius DIY removable fabric wallpaper

Happy Weekend!
Happy Easter!


Velorbis Classic Bicycles.

In my opinion there are just some things, albeit few, that cannot be improved upon. One is a good, classic bicycle design. After missing out on the limited edition run of Liberty of London for Target bikes sigh I’ve got my eye on these beauties from Velorbis. I wonder if I can talk them into providing this wardrobe along with the bike if I make a purchase? It never hurts to ask… {via Shiny Squirrel}


Happy Weekend.

+ I’m obsessed with these rotary phones straight out of the British General Post Office of the 1950s to 1970s up for sale

+ I’ve had this environmental art installation bookmarked for ages and now know the back story!

+ Definitely making these Guinness brownies for St. Patrick’s Day!

+ These downloads might help you get in the Green Spirit, too

+ Love this sleek silver pourer for the dinner table

+ I’d love to seed bomb the crap outta Midtown!

+ Enthralled by this time-lapse of a book cover design

+ Excited to see what’s next for Design Milk’s new Designer Desktops series

Happy Weekend!


Picnic Set.

After tons of rain yesterday including a flooded front yard today is gorgeous! I woke up at 6:30 to find the sun already peeking over the horizon, blue skies and birds chirping. Spring is literally sitting on the doorstep waiting to be invited in.

I’ve never been a big picnic person, but I’m hoping to change that once things dry up. In no small part thanks to this picnic set by Carina Ahlburg that I just can’t get enough of.


Happy Weekend.


Have you been having an amazing first week of fall? I have. Here in Oklahoma we’re experiencing a lot of below average temperatures and I’m soaking up every moment! Not only did I break out the Halloween decorations (fine, that was last week), but some long sleeves, too. Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy this week’s Mad Props!

Download these pom pom printables for your next girl’s night in

I very badly want to throw a backyard fall soiree

Repurpose chip containers to make this rad organizer

No one’s perfect, not even cake decorators

I’d use this menu wheel for a dinner party

Soak up Mankind Mag’s last issue

Feather Report now jumps cities and has an app for your phone

How to spend Under $100: in the garden

Check out the Where the Wild Things Are pop-up shop

Head over heels for these velvet pumpkins

Make your own Starbucks-esque Pumpkin Spice Latte

Beautiful science-themed weddings

Make your own (healthier) fast food

Old-school Halloween party save-the-date printable

Fun + bright Cirque du Bebe shower suite to download

**NOTE: Don’t forget, you have until Monday at 9am CST to enter the Rachel Pfeffer giveaway to win her delicious honeycomb necklace!


Sunny Arm Chair.

Warm sun on my face, cold beer in my hand, adorable cafe chairs in my back yard. Could it be true? Yes, if you add a few Sunny Arm Chairs that are a kicked-up version of the sidewalk classic the world over. I’ll take four in yellow. Thank you.