Succulent Wreath.

I’m in lust with this succulent wreath. It’s made up of five different varieties of succulent plants and the coolest part – it’s alive! And you only have to water it every few weeks.


Space Grill.

The Space Grill. Not as in aliens and UFOs, but as in multi-functional awesomeness.

“The unique, swing-out grill system comprises of two heavy-gauge stainless steel grills that height-adjust for different cooking temps. On the top grill, sit a serving dish, a saucepan or use as a back-up cooking or warming grill. The larger main grill swings out to enable quick fuel top-ups. Underneath the bowl is an integral ash collector and adjustable ventilation system. We also love the eco-friendly bamboo chopping board and built-in hooks for tools.”


Beach House.

All of my vacay time for this year is tied up between moving (which was, in fact, very un-vacation like) and my ten year high school reunion in September. With the price of gas and airline tickets I know lots of people are playing the staycation card this summer. It all sort of sounded like a load until I saw this personal beach house. Designed by Mary Bloch in 1962, the beach house is a little cabin woven in natural cane on rattan frame and aluminum structure then covered in waterproof canvas. If I had this little bit of privacy and shelter I think I could maybe, just maybe, pull it off.


Steady Stick Table + Wine Holders.

I want this. Even if it’s just to go out in my backyard and have a one person picnic. Totally worth it.

Designed to stick in the ground, these accessories take the spills out of picnicking. Bamboo tabletop screws onto a stake. Heavy-gauge stainless-steel holders include four for glasses and one for a bottle.



When I think of croquet it inevitably reminds me of summers as a kid. My aunt and uncle have the perfect side yard for the game and a wooden croquet set (probably from a garage sale) that our family spent endless hours playing with. This deluxe croquet set is decidedly more Great Gatsby-ish than “family fun,” but I love it none the less.

:: via Pretty Little Things


Folding Grill Tools.

I fired up the grill for the first time of the season last night, in the midst of a thunderstorm no less. Nothing fancy – just some honey dijon chicken for salads – but that time of year has definitely arrived. I’d love to own a set of these folding grill tools. They’re completely collapsable with folding pakkawood handles.

:: via Josh Spear


Reading Robin Book Birdhouses.

These Reading Robin book birdhouses are quite clever. Designer Dave Vissat stumbled upon this idea when he was making a birdhouse for his mother. He ran out of wood and resorted to using an old book as a roof, then began incorporating text and illustrations as well. (Note: for indoor use only!)


Buena Park Bench.

Meet CB2s modern version of the Luxembourg gardens chair – the Buena Park Bench. Park yourself closer to the ground, slouched in laziness with the sun shining on your face. Rust-proof with really pretty ivory cushions in moisture and mildew-resistant spun polyester. Buena park chair also available to match.