Happy Weekend.

Today is full of meetings, so I’m closing up shop a little earlier than usual this week. Among other things, this weekend I need to shop for the dress I never shopped for last weekend (for a wedding in PA next week), play bingo with friends at a local drag bar and take Piper to the dog park for some major energy releasing. What’s on your agenda?

+ check out this roundup of Mother’s Day freebies

+ thinking of taking up this daily gratitude check as my own exercise in thanks

+ May 1st is tomorrow – start the month off with this sweet desktop wallpaper

+ I like these twiggy pushpins

+ digging this modern Texas wedding

+ calling all infographic lovers!

+ chicken coops I wouldn’t mind shacking up in

+ I can’t ever get enough Audrey Hepburn

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

This week has been a bit topsy-turvy (a new theme in my life lately), so I’m thrilled that the weekend is here! It’s going to be filled with the Festival of the Arts, playoff game four of the Thunder v Lakers (4th row!) and dress shopping for a family wedding next month. Happy Weekend!

+ I can’t wait to try out a banana drizzled with honey + sprinkled with almond slivers for breakfast this weekend

+ I’m lusting after this ruffly tunic-style dress

+ Make recycling more stylish and download these bin labels

+ A sweet Just Because card to brighten someone’s day

+ Danni + Nick’s beautiful engagement photos

+ Continue the relief efforts in Haiti through the Haiti Poster Project

+ Check out the cardboard box that will fit anything

+ I’m dying to make one of these DIY fabric pup tents

+ Print off some of these mini wallpaper notes + envelopes this weekend

+ Love the idea of a fleur de lawn – so easy to maintain!

+ Have you seen Jessi Arrington’s rainbow birthday?

+ Colleen Baran creates a ring every single day out of ordinary objects

+ Love, love, love this NYC wedding!


Happy Weekend.

{via sabino}

+ I adore this ruffly jersey dress

+ This typographic fox by Laszlo is decorating my desktop as I type

+ Read this carefully: Rootbeer Float Ice Cream

+ I’m on the hunt for a bike and I’ve just added these to my list

+ Fabric ‘notebook paper’

+ I’m so excited about pour porter’s new shop!

+ A very sweet notepad + envelope download from a print a day

Happy Weekend!

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Happy Weekend.

This week has been swamped with fusterclucks, both at work and at home. So you’ll have to excuse me while I only post a weekly roundup of good stuff today instead of my usuals. Have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday!

+ Can you believe Mother’s Day is less than a month away?! Here’s a gift guide and a freebie to get you started down the right path.

+ Feeling inspired by these circus-y photos be Wendy Bevan

+ Cute desktop wallpaper to get you all set for iced coffee weather!

+ And a few other desktop wallpaper beauties from Ruche

+ Looking forward to making a few of these paper bag lanterns for my first summer get together

+ Check out Design for Mankind’s new design and latest feature – The House that DFM Built

+ The tiniest modern miniatures

Happy Weekend!


Happy {Easter} Weekend.

+ not one, but two ways to make chocolate Easter surprise eggs

+ loving the current trend of visually documenting a pregnancy

+ scads of April calendars to download: 1, 2, 3,

+ April’s Designer Desktop download

+ a cute Easter basket printable to stuff with treats

+ shabby-chic spring tea envelopes for your tea-loving friends

+ the Yolk Folk + the Carrot Crew Easter paper toy crafts

+ I’d love to make a batch of these Hot Cross Buns this weekend

+ a great roundup on jewelry storage for under $100

+ seed packet printables

+ spring CD sleeve and playlist to download + enjoy

+ genius DIY removable fabric wallpaper

Happy Weekend!
Happy Easter!


Happy Weekend.

+ copyright-free collage images to download for free – the possibilities are endless

+ breath-taking literally underwater wedding photography

+ scads of cotton ribbon in every shade of the rainbow

+ free printable graphic design business forms thanks to the freelance 101 series

+ have you checked out issue #2 of Nonpareil Magazine?

+ fabulous Alice in Wonderland-inspired decor

+ a great roundup of free Easter printables

+ … and another of Easter cards

+ download these free and well-designed black + white wedding printables and save mucho money

+ coloring eggs is my favorite part of easter!

+ wishing my graduation announcements had looked anything like these

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

+ I’m obsessed with these rotary phones straight out of the British General Post Office of the 1950s to 1970s up for sale

+ I’ve had this environmental art installation bookmarked for ages and now know the back story!

+ Definitely making these Guinness brownies for St. Patrick’s Day!

+ These downloads might help you get in the Green Spirit, too

+ Love this sleek silver pourer for the dinner table

+ I’d love to seed bomb the crap outta Midtown!

+ Enthralled by this time-lapse of a book cover design

+ Excited to see what’s next for Design Milk’s new Designer Desktops series

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

So, what are your plans for the weekend? Tomorrow I’m taking part in a bowling fundraiser for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, then checking out Momentum. A yearly art show here in OKC featuring artists under 30. Here are some highlights from the past week for your viewing pleasure…

+ A beautiful history of Argentina’s transportation tickets

+ New neighbors? Introduce yourself.

+ Love the design of this DIY family tree

+ Spring is on the horizon, which means fresh flowers, check out this roundup of pretty vases

+ Download these sweet teacup cards and send out a few Just Because notes

+ I love bookplates, download these for your library

+ The real Golden Ticket

+ I’d love to putt around on the La Bolleur mini gold course

+ Get ahead of the game with this printable blog calendar

+ Snap up this really pretty desktop wallpaper

+ Fantastic uses for old things

+ Letterhead of the famous + infamous

Happy Weekend!

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