Happy Weekend

PHOTO: sonya

01.  a proper place setting placemat
02. a hypothetical company based on puns
03. vanilla milk with chocolate ice cubes!
04. pretty photography of square foods
05. make a striped camera bag strap
06. great article on why we can’t let design become a boys’ club
07. super duper easy DIY concrete planters
08. rad trailer for a hypothetical Wes Anderson Film Festival


Happy {Easter} Weekend

PHOTO: betkaa


01.  mmm, salt water taffy
02. Jenna’s photography on the new Whimsy & Spice site looks delicious
03.  these conjoined skyscraper plates are brilliant
04.  a map of London’s Underground made from string
05. Helveticons
06. what if you lived at IKEA?
07.  loving this literary ad campaign
08.  not a mayonnaise fan, but make it flavored and in great packaging and I’m on board
09.  make some wrap bracelets
10.  the 50 things every graphic design student should know


Me in other places this week:
01.  talking about my favorite nook on Brooklyn Limestone
02.  guest curating on Supermarket


PS: This is the last week to sign up for the mixtape swap!


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Mattie Krall


01. now I want my next birthday party to be based around a cereal bar
02. loving on this Bullshit/Meeting ambigram mug
03. and these ridiculous animal wine stoppers
04. a recipe for making strawberry milk with actual strawberries
05. stop the presses: banana bread croutons
06. love this mini paper turntable calendar download
07. a great collection of vintage fan club cards
08. check out/download the desktop wallpaper I designed for Design Milk


Happy {Valentine’s Day} Weekend

njom njom

+ I’ll be geeking out come Sunday night, tweeting and playing Oscar bingo.

+ It’s Feltron Annual Report time!!!

+ Looking forward to making my own tempura veggies.

+ Obsessed with this Chanel Orange Fizz nail polish.

+ A kick-you-in-the-face-funny V-Day roundup based on your relationship status!

+ Loving the setup and layout of the aptly named Cassette Tape Magazine.

+ Learn to cut a rug with Mr. + Mrs. Cha-Cha!

+ The perfect messy side ponytail.

+ I don’t want to rent this place, I want to move in.

Happy Weekend!


Happy {Super Bowl} Weekend

James Acklin

+ February desktop wallpaper love: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

+ My hair is the perfect length right now for this yarn-tied messy bun!

+ A map of NYC’s subway system goes musical.

+ Ben Wilson’s rad chewing gum art.

+ Crazy potato soup that tastes like chili cheese fries!

+ Oh yum, a Strawberry Milk Cake.

+ Desktop cornhole!

+ Best. Pencil. Ever.

Happy Weekend!

{One guess who I’m cheering for in Sunday’s Super Bowl!}