Happy Weekend.

{via ffffound}

+ Hoping these Apple Nachos find my face soon.

+ Why can’t my roof grow a forest?

+ Halloween dessert table, party of one!

+ Great article about chefs, their scars, and how they got them.

+ I love a good bow tie.

+ I automatically don’t like anyone who refuses this Halloween party invitation.

+ Pretty excited about these Pittsburgh tees.

+ Love this Halloween invitation download!

+ Helvetica + Cross-stitch = Awesome

+ Plant your driveway.

+ A scratch-n-sniff print that smells like the moon!

+ This woman chronicled her life in fairground shooting gallery photos.

+ You should pick up a copy of Dick and Jane and Vampires for your favorite kiddo (or kiddo at heart).

+ Some ideas on what to do with the rest of October!

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

{The devil’s crayon}

+ I love these DIY flower bulb favors.

+ Yesterday I shared some out of the ordinary wedding rings over on Oh, hello friend.

+ I also answered a few questions for Annie at Poetic + Chic.

+ More Halloween cards + invitations.

+ I’ve been wanting to paint some Mason jars, so this DIY is perfect timing!

+ Sad I didn’t think of this idea when I moved into my first apartment.

+ Every designer, actually every human, needs to read these words from Milton Glaser.

+ Wowed by these courtroom sketches.

+ Web designers rejoice and meet the Gridulator!

+ I can’t wait to pick up a copy of Baked’s second cookbook.

+ WANT: these Maple Candied Apples in my face.

+ One more reason I need to my ass to NYC: FoodParc.

+ Did you know you can visit illustrator Edward Gorey’s house?

+ Looking for a reason to make + wear a fall leaf mask.

+ New garb for your desktop 1, 2

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.


+ USB ports added to traditional outlets? Yes, please.

+ Have you seen the Lost World’s Fairs project? Typographic love.

+ Love this hexagon-riddled card download.

+ Cutout sets and paper dolls aren’t just for kids.

+ Want to jazz up your front door with some type? Look no further.

+ Can’t wait to take advantage of this tutorial for lightweight cowl scarves!

Happy Weekend!


Happy {Labor Day} Weekend.

+ I may have finally found a use for my paint chip collection!

+ Can’t wait to try my hand at these gift toppers.

+ I’d love to get a sweet note on one of these minis.

+ I can’t believe September is here and neither can my desktop. 1, 2, 3, 4

+ When a bicycle and a pickup truck have babies

+ Mad about the old-meets-new site design of Quipsologies.

+ I need this ID Blocker for my junk mail! I’m so tired of shredding everything.

+ It’s not too late to pass out invitations for a Labor Day shindig!

+ Have you seen this interactive film from Arcade Fire? Totally worth your time.

+ Hipster dinosaurs? Yes, please.

+ I need an iPad so I can buy one of these cases.

+Tea towels as curtains. Brilliant.

+ Loving Cee Lo Green’s F*ck You song and video!

Happy Labor Day!
Happy Weekend!

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Happy Weekend.

{via ffffound}

+ Love the look of this redesign for America’s currency.

+ Photographer Sharon Montrose opened the doors to The Animal Print Shop.

+ I’m mad about this color wheel bike!

+ Adult-only foods. Naughty!

+ Wikipedia desktop history wallpapers by Pavel Fuska.

+ No need for a light fixture when the bulbs look this good.

+ Really looking forward to seeing Darren Arnofsky’s latest film, Black Swan, when it’s released.

+ When a wall full of ABC gum becomes art it’s magical.

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

+ Song lyrics presented as Google Map directions.

+ A time-intensive mural made entirely of pennies.

+ Planning on picking up this book. And maybe taking on my own year-long project.

+ The best job description. Ever.

+ Definitely going to concoct my own batch of Hopsicles!

+ Obsessing over this tutorial on turning old paperbacks into custom hardcover books.

+ It’s not often I wish I were a man. This is one of them.

+ This post made the hopeless romantic side of me smile.

+ If you’re an OKCer, hit up Live on the Plaza tonight and get a $40 OKC/405 tattoo!

+ The office supply geek in me can’t wait for Sharpie’s Liquid Pencils to be released this fall.

+ Care to play a little Social Media Monopoly?

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

+ At some point in the past year I’ve become terrible about sending out birthday cards, I’m betting this perpetual birthday calendar download would be a fast remedy.

+ I’m still obsessed with the idea of canning, even though I have yet to do any myself. I’ve got this roundup of jar labels bookmarked for when I do.

+ I never thought the day would come where I longed to have vinyl flooring.

+ Thinking I need to get some sort of popsicle holders/apparatus so I can start making all of the yummy recipes that I’ve seen this summer. Starting with these Watermelon Frozen Yogurt Popsicles.

+ Cherry Lambic Ice Cream Floats are on the menu for this weekend.

+ This art deco motorcycle is HUGE yes.

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

+ I know it’s the weekend, but it’s never too early to get things organized for the other five days

+ I wish my backyard were bigger because this Backyard Scrabble project is begging to be a part of the decor

+ Pretty Marimekko desktop wallpapers

+ Receiving one of these balloon invitations would make me positively giddy

+ Check out Dating Brian, a social media experiment of sorts chronicling his thirty dates in thirty days

+ A brilliant idea for recycling crayon nubs with the most beautiful results

+ This 80 Penguins ad campaign had me rolling

+ Measure your attitude by the length of your skirt with these rad leggings

+ I really want to read this book (doesn’t hurt that it’s easy on the eyes)

Happy Weekend!

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