2012 Alt Summit Wardrobe Planner + Packing List

Last year I created a packing list for myself before heading off to Alt Summit and on a whim shared it with you all. You sort of flipped (in a good way) and I’ve had people asking me if I’m doing another one since October. (Seriously.) Since we’re only about a week and a half away from this year’s event I thought it was about time, so you here you go! Your days and nights are broken down, as are your shoes and accessories. Download your copy right here, and check back later in the week for another way to stay organized in Salt Lake City!


Gift Tags Galore

PHOTO: retroeighties

Gift tags are most definitely my favorite wrapping accoutrement. Free gift tags are my even favoriter. Each December I’m always so happy to see the outpouring of creativity and generosity of artists, designers, and bloggers alike when it comes to sharing free downloads. It really is the thought that counts, and I love being able to pass that on. Here’s this year’s bounty of tags with a few extra things thrown in for good measure. Feel free to add any I’ve missed in the comments section!

01/ Holiday Printables from Thank You Cards Shop
02/ Christmas Candy Box from ISLY
03/ Holiday Knit Gift Tags from Eat Drink Chic
04/ Feather Gift Tags from Love vs Design
05/ Pretty Printable Gift Tags from The Sweetest Occasion
06/ Holiday Gift Tags from Love vs Design
07/ Printable Gift Tags from Hey Look
08/ Wood Type Holiday Printable Kit form Ellinée
09/ Christmas Gift Tags from My Girl Thursday
10/ Holiday Gift Tags from sass&peril
11/ Peace, Love and Reindeer Hugs Gift Tags from Eat Drink Chic
12/ Illustrated Gift Tags from Helen Dardick
13/ Blooming Holiday Gift Tags from the long thread
14/ Gift Tags + Mini Cards from parties by hardie
15/ Naughty or Nice Gift Tag from Brooklyn Limestone
16/ Mitten Tags from present & correct
17/ Gift Tags from jones design company
18/ Holiday Wish List from The Sweetest Occasion
19/ 12 Days of Christmas Tags from Today’s Mama
20/ Christmas Gift Tags from lovelydesign
21/ Christmas Card from evajuliet


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Gabriela Da Costa

01/ a papercraft nativity set to print and assemble
02/ the most attractive way to store firewood – ever
03/ I like big buns and I cannot lie
04/ this paper tree looks so fun
05/ gorgeous agate windows
06/ magic beans to keep your coffee warm longer!
07/ great gift idea for a cook
08/ make hot cocoa ornaments


Paper Tree

Here it is, my Christmas tree! Well, just for this year that is. I’m living bare bones in my sublet and didn’t even think I’d have one at all until I came across a free printable. He’s about four feet tall and pretty naked, but I’m going to figure out a way to add a little pizzazz. You can get your own right here!


DIY Holiday Box Advent

If I’m not mistaken this will be the first December of my life that I don’t have an advent calendar. I’m kind of bummed, but dig deep and pull through (can you tell I’ve been watching a lot of Friday Night Lights lately?). If I were making one for someone else, however, I’d be super into this graphic holiday box advent from Oh Happy Day, great colors and patterns, and of course treats!


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: mae noelle

You say it’s your birthday? It’s my birthday, too! I’m gearing up for a fun-filled weekend that kicks off with happy hour tonight, but I wouldn’t leave you hanging without the usual weekend links to follow.

01/ fascinating composite portrait made using 500 photographs
02/ love this mix-n-match chocolates concept
03/ Milk & Cookies, undulating breakfast food
04/ check out the senseless drawing bot
05/ looking forward to this Eames documentary
06/ movies recast with cats!
07/ it’s the 5th annual Movember, grow a beard for the cause
08/ play HuffPo bingo
09/ now THIS is some serious concealing makeup
10/ I want to try out the online stencil generator


Happy (New York or Bust) Weekend

PHOTO: anne symons



You all were so gracious and supportive when I lost my job last month, it’s only fair I tell you about my next step that begins tomorrow. I’m heading off to New York for a long-term freelance job that will keep me there through the end of the year! Exciting stuff, for sure. I’m subletting a sweet little studio with a full kitchen in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and I couldn’t be more thrilled. After doing a fast tally, I realized I have many more friends in NYC than OKC and I’m looking forward to catching up with every single one while in town. I’ll keep you posted as everything unfolds, but in the meantime I hope you’ll forgive me if things slow down just the tiniest bit for the next week as I get adjusted to my new digs and schedule. Until then, here are a boatload of good things to keep you going.


01/ the Henry Rollins tattoo whiteboard!
02/ knit a sweater, help a penguin in need
03/ create your own wall art for (almost) free
04/ deconstructed map art of Italy
05/ free printable quote posters
06/ homemade pixie stix
07/ another way to buy some damn art
08/ DIY bungee cord bracelets
09/ a knockoff Pumpkin Pie Blizzard


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Hilda Grahnat

01/ digging the latest incarnation of this desktop wallpaper project
02/ a very well executed video series about studying abroad
03/ I Heart New York
04/ interested in this letterpress collaboration, Friends With Benefits
05/ some mad genius deep-fried Babybel
06/ abandoned Victorian houses made out of LEGOS
07/ inbook charging stations for your iPod + iPhone
08/ another recharged desktop collaboration series from Shanna Murray