Round Up: Advent Calendars.

Advent calendars are about to be brought out tomorrow for the Official Countdown to commence. Growing up I had one every single year. It was always different, but always hung on the same closet door, gradually being raised higher and higher up each year as I grew. Coming downstairs to head off to school in the mornings was always made a little better during the holidays because of its presence.

My advent calendars were only ever the kind where you popped open a door to reveal some piece of the bigger picture, but these days there’s so much more out there. Some are up for grabs, some are projects in themselves, one is even a 12 Days of Christmas Countdown. But all are some of my favorites that I’ve come across this season.

Advent in a Box

Advent Calendar Box

Perpetual Advent Calendar

Greeting Card Advent Calendar

Paper Advent Box

12 Days of Christmas Countdown Calendar


Monday Goodness: Some Things.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday! Mine was filled with way too much food, some shopping and family. And now the real Holiday Madness begins. Just a little reminder to keep it all in perspective.

:: image via Keri Smith’s flickr photostream


Gravy Boat Parade.

I have absolutely no use for a gravy boat and yet I desperately want one. I’ve never served gravy with anything in my life. Any sauce I use goes on before the presentation. And I have way too much in my kitchen cabinets as it is. I spotted these three recently. (Maybe it’s the word “boat” that makes them so fun…)

Gordon Ramsey for Royal Douilton


Monday Goodness: Good Cheap Fast.

Anyone in business knows this rubric. The problem that designers have is that we always want to produce good work while clients always want it cheap and fast – perhaps this is why designers are so poor. Occasionally we succeed at making everybody happy but when clients expect all three every time – well, then we don’t expect to be working with that client for very long.

:: via 30gms


Round Up: 2008 Calendars.

SuzyJack 2008 Deluxe Wall Calendar

Jumping Point 2008 Calendar by Michael Domberger

Pentagram 2008 Typography Calendar

2008 Botanical Desk Calendar by Little Tree Press

2008 Calendar template by Little Hut

2008 Limited Edition Letterpress Calendar by Albertine Press

2008 Calendar by Erin Ruth

Bodoni Typographic 2008 Calendar by Retro Garden

2008 Gocco Printed Desk Calendar by Ebony Paws

2008 Floral Calendar by GallardoWorks

Modern Art Everyday 2008 Desk Calendar

2008 Letterpress Calendar by Pearl Papers

2008 SampsonMay Calendars via Happy Cavalier

2008 Calendar by Debi van Zyl

2008 Silkscreened Calendar no. 2 by estasketch

2008 Calendar illustrated by Flora & Fauna

2008 Calendar by Just Another Day

2008 Happify Calendar

2008 Letterpress Calendar by green chair press

2008 Desk Calendar by Cecily Ink

Linda & Harriett 2008

Good on Paper 2008 Calendar

Happy Days Calendar by pikku

2008 Calendar by port2port


Monday Goodness: What We Need

The above is an excerpt from Writers & the War Against Nature published in the Shambhala Sun, November 2007 issue. It needs to be passed on as much as possible because the sentiment is spot on, so please spread the love around.

:: via Wish Jar


Big Sickness.

I’m sorry for the lack of posts, but I’m headed out early today to nurse this stupid cold I’ve acquired. All hail the NyQuil.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and I’ll be back (hopefully germ-free) Monday morning.

:: image via Veer



I recently discovered Violet and couldn’t think better of it. What’s so different is the way in which they’re organized – in traditional categories as well as in ways that reflect a person’s personality, tastes and emotions. All of the thought Violet has put into their organization makes it that much easier (and faster!) for you to find that Perfect Something. And there are scads of Perfect Somethings to choose from. These are just a few of the things that caught my eye.

Clockwise from top left: Best Bubble box, Cards for a Year, Punctuation cards, Universal Filing System folders, Towering espresso set