imogene is a lovely little online shop out of Baltimore run by Annie, Steve and Joey their pitbull. the coolest thing is that they deal directly with imogene’s featured designers, maintain their own site and ship everything to you themselves. it’s literally a two-and-a-half man studio. Definitely stpo by and check out the goods. I especially dig their paper selection and jewelry.


Flower Rings.

I’m drooling over these vintage-inspired Flower Rings by designer Jane Diaz at Garnet Hill. The jeweled flower is placed on a tiny, thin rose gold band which is so, so pretty. (And I’m almost always a non-gold kinda gal.) The rings are available in three combos: Labradorite/Rhodolite Garnet, Amethyst/Peridot or Ruby/Hessonite Garnet.


Liquid Sky Arts.

I came across Liquid Sky Arts by way of Kathleen Rossi-Howell’s blog – Senseless Acts of Beauty. And just the other day in my post about PaPaYa I unknowingly posted a Christmas card that she had designed for them. Kathleen has just released her own Christmas card collection and is a very talented jeweler as well, her pendants are amazing. Visit her site to see even more of her talent.



I’m such a jewelry junkie.

Clay-Pot is a neighborhood staple in Park Slope, but it’s also a nationally recognized source for America’s premier jewelry designers. Seventy-five different artists represent a incredible range of styles. Along with incredible every day pieces, Clap-Pot also offers engagement rings and wedding bands (no worries, there are two certified diamond specialists to help you out).

Clockwise from top Left: Melissa Joy Manning – White Gold Wishbone Earrings $115, HINU – Large Disc Pendant $100, Jane Hollinger – Coco Necklace $100, Dana Kellin – Small Wrap Blue Topaz Earrings $150, Becky Kelso – Rosecut Aquamarine Sterling SIlver Ring $252


Dew Drop Necklace.

One of my very favorite necklaces in my jewlery box is in the shape of a teardrop. There’s something very chic and modern about it.

This Dew Drop Necklace ($35) at Modishoppe is going on my Wish List. It’s actually a piece of copper with layers of robin’s egg blue glass enamel fused onto it. Basically a two-for-one since the backside is the copper itself. Completely reversible.


Ruler Ring.

I love jewelry – silver please, thankyouverymuch – especially rings and necklaces. I have a few unique pieces that tend to be my favorites, like my Thoreau quote necklace and the ring my friend, Aaron, made for me as a Christmas present a few years ago. I can completely see this Ruler Ring by Fancy falling into just that category. For $60.



Odette’s jewelry is beautiful, modern, and timeless all the same. It seems like the sort of jewelry every girl should have in her possession, pieces that can be dressed up or down. My favorites are these Swallow ($160) and Jellyfish ($172) necklaces. They seem delicate to look at but are actually substantial in size – 3″ and 2.5″ wide. Both pieces are a part of the Merric Collection.



Catbird is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Both of their locations that is. Exactly four minutes apart on foot and totally different: one carries clothing while the ther specializes in jewelry, accessories and gifts. A novel idea as far as I’m concerned.

I’m into these two necklaces. The Keyhold Necklace ($145) is constructed out of a keyhole picked up at an estate sale, while the Bobby pin Necklace can actually be used in a hair emergency ($240).



Katherine DeJarnette Babin is the brain behind DeJarnette. She creates striking pieces with carefully selected materials such as vintage glass beads, lockets and brooches, semi-precious stones, metals and textiles, many of which were found in her native city of New Orleans.

I’m especially in love with this The Highest Number necklace. Inspired from a childhood saying, “I love you the highest number in the universes,” this necklace features multi-sized brass digits and a tiny brass heart that delicately hangs separately on the left hand side. It can be mine for $82. 🙂

This unique chain necklace features a vintage medallion that reads, “Thou Shalt Not Make Unto Thee Any Graven Image.” This pendant is paired with a number two that hangs right above. Katherine had created an entire series out of the Ten Commandments, this is the only one that remains for sale.


Rare Device: Necklaces.

What is Rare Device? (Besides and awesome store in Brooklyn.) If you are an English major or an English teacher, you know that ‘Rare Device’ is from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan. (If you are a true bookworm, you know that Ray Bradbury took a stab at that phrase too.)

Rare Device is, simply, good stuff for you and your home. Rena Tom, the creator, is a former jewelry and graphic designer who loves design. Every object in the store has its own story, and has been chosen because it is either handmade, well-designed, useful, beautiful or all of the above.

I’ve been semi-obsessed with this Razorblade Necklace ($110) for almost a year now. It comes on a 16″ sterling chain and isn’t sharp enough to cut, sorry.

This Currant Necklace ($60) is a little bit closer to my price range. It’s made from thin, recycled stainless steel and sterling silver.