Garden Hose.

I’m lucky enough to have a spigot in the back of my house and a second one right in the front. My problem? No hose! I think I need either the yellow or purple one. (Thanks, Jeni!)
I also thought I’d take a quick minute to update you all on the house progress. Thanks for being interesting and keeping after me about it! Everything is moving along slow, but sure.

Here’s my to do list at the moment:
• organize books on shelves in living room
• find goldenrod colored sheers for the master bedroom
• clear empty boxes out of dining area
• put table and chairs in dining area
• organize office
• hang frames, mirrors, etc.
• clean trash out of garage and hose out (see why I need one?!)



Ascaso is the proud manufacturer of espresso coffee machines for those truly diehard java lovers out there. They have five styles of professional coffee machines that would be at home in any 1950s kitchen. Really stylish as well as easy to use and available in a ton of brilliant colors. This beauty would be displayed smack dab in the center of my counter, all the better to show it off!

:: via Miss Jane


Shit Happens.

Shit Happens dog poo bags strike me as both hilarious and awesome at the same time. Hilarious because, well, who wants to think about dog poo ever let alone before 9:00 am. And awesome because they combine functional design (you don’t have to get too close to the actual poo) with great packaging (check out those color choices and type). A definitive two thumbs up for taking a product that is decidedly un-fun and making it just the opposite.

Their tagline? “Shit happens – just be prepared.” Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

:: via NOTCOT


Ethnic Kettle Chips.

Kettle Chips are definitely some of the yummiest potatoes I’ve ever tasted. They’re super crunchy and you really have to take your time chewing, lest you impale the roof of your mouth with a jagged edge. Yeah, that kind of crunchy. You know what I’m talking about.

Recently Kettle Brand released their Ethnic Chips which boast some really beautiful packaging. A simple white bag with a belly band constructed out of kraft paper and printed with colorful, eye-popping inks. Really, really lovely design.

:: link via The Dieline


Win It: seventy & sunny.

I’ve been a teeny tiny bit obsessed with calling cards for the past few months, so I’m really excited about Win It: seventy & sunny! The oh-so-lovely Alyson from seventy & sunny (as well as the awesome blog unruly.things!) will give the winner a custom designed set of 25 calling cards.

So how do you win, you ask? Leave a comment telling me what illustrated item you’d love to have on your set of calling cards and why. Alyson’s the crafty type, so it can be pretty much anything! You have until this Friday, August 1st at 12:00 pm CST to enter. (U.S. residents only for this one, folks.) Once the doors close I’ll randomly pick a winner. May the force be with you!


Basic Shapes Growth Chart.

It seems like every time the seasons change I have another friend popping out an addition to their family. There are lots of great baby gifts out there, but clothing only lasts a few months and toys a little longer. I like the idea of giving something that’s going to have a little more staying power.

Check out this growth chart that’s home to a family of animal characters created exclusively by combining the square, circle and triangle. It’s so well designed and better than the doorframe I had, that’s for sure. Available in blue, yellow, orange and green and printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks.

:: via Simple Lovely