A Brand New Bag.

I saw these jazzed up tote bags a few years ago in an issue of Living and have had the project in the back of my head every since. One of my favorite things to do is take something I’ve had hanging around in the back of some closet and reinvent it to the point of being completely new to me. Tote bags are the ultimate carry-all and this project proves just how versatile they can be. I think they’d make fun gifts, too.


Reminder: Seventy & Sunny Deadline.

The entries for Win It: Seventy & Sunny have been pouring in and I’ve so enjoyed reading them!

Just a reminder that you have until tomorrow (Friday, August 1st) at 12:00 pm CST to leave a comment to the original contest post telling me what illustrated item you’d love to have on your set of calling cards and why. (U.S. residents only for this one, please!)

The winner will score a set of 25 custom designed calling cards from Seventy & Sunny. Once the doors close I’ll randomly pick a winner that will be announced via post tomorrow afternoon. Can’t wait to see what Alyson gets to whip up!


Mad Props: July.

I was honestly a little surprised – in a good way – at all the great posts oozing out of the blogosphere this past month. Lots of people were on vacation and sans computer and/or internet, but that didn’t seem to stop them. See for yourself in Mad Props: July!

:: all photos via blog posts

On the Rocks: Raspberry Gin Crush.

In an attempt to stick with this week’s raspberry theme, this Wednesday’s cocktail is the Raspberry Gin Crush. The recipe below is actually a vegan version, but you can easily substitute Chambord for the fresh raspberries and agave nectar. I think I might have to try both versions, you know, just for the sake of comparing and contrasting. Ahem.

– 8 fresh raspberries
– juice from 1/2 lime
– 1/2 teaspoon agave nectar
– 1 1/2 ounces gin
– about 2 ounces tonic
– ice

Muddle the raspberries, lime juice, and agave nectar together. Pour over ice. Add gin and tonic and stir. Serves 1.

:: photo and cocktail recipe via Show Me Vegan


Nat Finkelstein.

Nat Finkelstein entered Andy Warhol’s Factory as a photojournalist in 1964 and remained for three years; Finkelstein’s photographs from this period are now regarded as some of the most iconic of the time and remain what he is best known for. His photos of Warhol, Edie Sedgewick and the Velvet Underground are haunting and capture the pop culture of the era beautifully.


DRY Soda Co.

Seattle-based DRY Soda Co. is anything but. Offering a line of all-natural, lightly sweetened sodas flavored with fruit or herb extracts and pure cane sugar, DRY is a modern alternative to mainstream sugar- or saccharine-laden drinks. Try kumquat, lavender, lemongrass or rhubarb for a kick in the taste buds. Or get really crazy and use the fizzy beverage as a mixer. Check out the DRY site for more ideas and insights into DRY Living.

And that bottle design? Swoon.