The Daily Eat: Nectarine and Blueberry Slump.

This is all you need to know about this Nectarine and Blueberry Slump:

Like a stovetop cobbler, the slump and its fraternal twin the grunt combine sweetened fruit with dumplings (in this case, cornmeal), which fall or slump into the bubbling fruit mixture. This old-fashioned dessert is best served warm, scooped into bowls, and drizzled with heavy cream.

Oh. My.

:: photo and recipe via CHOW


Renewable Clothing.

Fernando Brizio is on the cutting edge of design with his renewable clothing. By placing colored felt-tip markers into the pockets of his dresses their appearance changes over time. Within an hour or so the colored ink bleeds into the fabric and creates a one-off design for each wearing of the ensemble. The dress can then be washed and colored a different way for the next time!

:: via swissmiss


Fallon BFF Lyric Necklaces.

Remember those best friend necklaces from junior high? The ones with two necklaces that were usually a heart of something split into two halves? Yeah, those. These Fallon BFF Lyric Necklaces are so much better. Each half has a half line of song lyrics on it, so only together do the necklaces make any real sense.

: via Mackin Ink


Dog Days.

This is what I’ve felt like doing ever since waking up this morning! It’s just one of them days. But at least my legs aren’t that hairy…

:: photo via ? (I’m horrible, I know.)


Expansif Mug.

Crystal clear Expansif Mugs are crafted out of sturdy heat-resistant Pyrex, so you can enjoy your morning fix without burning yourself. But I am wondering just how easy it would be to grab that piece passing itself off as a handle. My luck it would slip from my grasp and I’d end up scalding myself anyway. Oh, the price we sometimes pay for grand design!


Smart Spice.

Introducing Smart Spice. These spices, herbs, and kitchen essentials are of the highest quality. They’re fresh, organic, and packaged in pre-measured, single-use packets. Just tear one open, toss it in, and the unused packets stay freshly sealed awaiting their turn. Instead of having a crowded spice cabinet with bottles of spice growing stale and tasteless, cooks have on-demand freshness.

A more than genius idea. As much as I love my spice rack it doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. I’d love to be able to buy top shelf goodies to fill its jars, but because I don’t use them all the time things tends to end up clumpy and stale. So what’s the point? Problem solved. Each of the Smart Spice packets is pre-measured into one teaspoon. Each box contains four packets. I love the design as well and that the prominence rests on the name of the spice.

NOTE: Smart Spice is not available yet. Hang in there for Fall 2008!

:: via Cool Hunting