Offensive + Delightful 2008 Collection.

The brilliantly tongue-in-cheek Offensive + Delightful has just rolled out their new collection for 2008 and it’s as delightful as expected. Designer Olga Krigman always has the best lines. Maybe it’s because she’s Russian. Or maybe she’s just a real firecracker. Either way, I’m glad she shares it all with us. The bold, graphic designs are just a sweet, sweet bonus.


MuNiMulA Wine Tray.

I’m clumsy. I’ve never been a server at a restaurant or bar simply for the fact that I don’t think I could pull off the walking-with-food-and-beverage-laden-tray thing. That’s said, the MuNiMulA Wine Tray is genius. This I could do, sparing carpeting and dry clean only clothing in the process.

:: via Create My Event



I am having some major draggage issues today. After having Monday and Tuesday off (but really working harder those days than when I’m at the office) I’m struggling to get back into the swing of life. And then just when I somehow manage to it will be the weekend. So really, how much effort should I be putting into this??

:: photo via ffffound


Beach House.

All of my vacay time for this year is tied up between moving (which was, in fact, very un-vacation like) and my ten year high school reunion in September. With the price of gas and airline tickets I know lots of people are playing the staycation card this summer. It all sort of sounded like a load until I saw this personal beach house. Designed by Mary Bloch in 1962, the beach house is a little cabin woven in natural cane on rattan frame and aluminum structure then covered in waterproof canvas. If I had this little bit of privacy and shelter I think I could maybe, just maybe, pull it off.


15 x 3.

I’m in list-making mode today, so when I saw this on In(side) the Loop I had to accept Courtney’s challenge of Three Tag. Join me for TMI, won’t you?

1. What are the last 3 things you purchased?
• an electricians services to install two ceiling fans and a light fixture
• a fat-free carmel Macchiato from Starbuck’s
• gasoline

2. What are the last 3 songs you downloaded?
• Wearing Thin – minipop
• Dandelion Halo – First of June
• Dreams – Behind the Scenes

3. Where were the last 3 places you visited?
• Chicago, IL
• Dallas, TX
• Pittsburgh, PA

4. What are your 3 favorite movies?
• Say Anything
• National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
• Jurassic Park

5. What are your 3 favorite possessions?
• my house!!!
• my two kitties – Roxy and Peanut (if you can consider them “possessions”…)
• the engagement rings of both of my grandmothers

6. What 3 things can you not live without?
• my MacBook
• my mom
• good music

7. What would be your 3 wishes?
• for my friends and family to all live in the same state as me!
• happily ever after
• to keep growing and become a better person

8. What are 3 things you have not done yet?
• been married
• owned a dog
• raised a child

9. What are your 3 favorite dishes?
• my grandmother’s potato salad
• my mom’s salisbury steak
• cheesecake of any sort

10. What 3 celebrities would you want to hang out with the most?
• Audrey Hepburn – no one said they have to be alive!
• Charlize Theron
• John Cusack – I’ll have to if we’re going to get married one day!

11. Name 3 things that freak you out.
• snakes – ew.
• the thought of someone breaking into my house
• anything and everything pickled!!

12. If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?
• compassionate
• organized
• creative

13. Name 3 unusual things you are good at.
• packing for trips – I can fit a lot into a carry-on!
• I make a mean meatball
• speed reading

14. What are 3 things you are currently coveting?
• boxes to be unpacked and everything in its place in my house
• a wooden fence around my backyard
• baseboards that aren’t all dinged up!

15. What 3 bloggers would you like tag?
I’m curious about everyone I come across, so if you want to share leave a comment and we’ll all follow you to your place to read up about you!

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Tom Binns.

When I stumbled upon Tom Binn’s gorgeous jewelry for the first time it quite literally took my breath away. The depth of his collections amazed me as well the candy-colored jewels each piece revolves around. However, his Faux Real line is my absolute favorite. I could find a reason to purchase each and every piece if I wanted to and create entire ensembles around them. Hell, I’d even wear them with my pajamas. My unsexy pajamas!

:: via coco + kelley


On the Rocks: Lemonade Caipirinhas.

I’ve been craving citrus everything lately. (Isn’t that a sign of scurvy??) What better way to get your daily dose than with these Lemonade Caipirinhas? Exactly… there isn’t one.

– 2 large limes, cut into 16 wedges each
– ½ cup sugar
– 2 cups cachaca [Brazilian brandy made from sugar cane]
– 6 cups crushed ice
– 1 cup store-bought lemonade
– Lemon slices, optional for garnish
– Lime slices, optional for garnish

Using a muddler, crush lime wedges and sugar in a large glass measuring cup until juices are released; pour in cachaca. Transfer cachaca mixture to a large pitcher and fill with ice. Stir in lemonade. Serve in glasses garnished with lemon and lime slices, makes 4 to 6 cocktails.

:: photo and recipe via In(side) the Loop