Oblique Magazine Rack.

I love the simple, structurally clean design of the oblique magazine rack by designer Marcel Wanders. I’ve always hated stacking up magazines and great little books just because things start to feel cluttered. Although this is waaay out of my price range it’s a great alternative to the Magazine Pile and a nice way to show a particularly awesome spread in your favorite mag.


Sugar Lump.

I can’t recall ever having used a sugar lump myself, but that’s not stopping me. I love the design and grid structure of the Sugar Lump by Kathleen Hills so much that it just might make me start asking “One lump or two?”


I Heart Cereal.

A lot. It’s perfect and I could probably eat it three times a day, every day, for a few years before I ever tired of it. These accessories available through Vincon would only serve to feed my cereal addiction in a more attractive way. So long ugly cardboard boxes and soggy spoonfuls. The stainless steel cereal dispenser is attractive enough to leave on the counter and the cereal spoon lets you eat first, drink second. (The spoons would also be fantastic to use with soup.)


Mocha Dunk Mug.

The mocha dunk mug is a must for any cookie lover (RE: me). All mugs should have a cookie compartment, but this one actually does. I’m also digging the asymmetrical shape of the mug itself.


ftf design studio Trays.

The simplicity and sterile feel of these ftf design studio trays is really nice. The four available styles can take on anyone’s style and personality and fit right in thanks to designers West Chin and Roseann Repetti. The trays are made out of corian, which is incredibly durable and easy to clean, as well as resistant to burns, scratches, mildew and mold (ew). They’re perfect for the kitchen, but are very multi-purpose and can work in other rooms as well.


Ceremony Flower Sticks.

Ceremony flower sticks are “flowers” made out of Pyrex tubes that are meant to be used with or without real buds. You can even place them inside one another. I love that designer Arik Levy makes the flower stem a major part of the piece as well as the bloom itself. It’s also a great solution for long-stemmed flowers that need extra support.


Urban Picnic.

I’m coveting the Cafe Blanc Urban Picnic from Dansk. It’s an all-in-one set where the porcelain tableware actually nestles into recesses of the divided plate which sits on the bamboo tray. The little salt and pepper shakers are adorable. Now this would make an excellent reason for breakfast in bed.



The Kake-Kut’r cuts and serves the perfect piece of cake every time. A great idea that will help keep the icing off of your fingers while entertaining – good design at work, my friends. Currently there are servers for sheet cake, round cake and loaves.