Hiya Crib.

It’s official. Half of the world is pregnant and this is the cutest crib ever.

The Hiya Crib conveys a sense of purity, simplicity and sustainability. Featuring fixed sides for maximum structural stability ensuring the crib is as safe as possible and an adjustable platform that can be moved into three different positions to grow with your baby.


Newspaper Brick Maker.

Here in the Midwest there’s a cold front approaching quickly – as in we started the morning near 60º and will be ending it in the teens. It’s got me thinking about anything involving heat, namely this newspaper brick maker. *If* I had a wood-burning fireplace this would be on my wish list. You just fill it with damp newspaper, press out the extra water and let the newly-formed “brick” air dry. A very, very clever way to put all those old newspapers to good use. And you get to have that warm and fuzzy feeling about recycling.



Another great entry from designboom’s dining in 2015 contest, Mey Kahn and Boaz Kahn’s fragile salt and pepper shakers are beautiful and interactive.

When was the last time you emphatically broke somthing? The ceramic salt and pepper shaker offers you the opportunity to do it! The product comes in one piece and by breaking it, you make it useful. Breaking is an experience of impulsive outburst. But this time is an act that builds rather than destroys. In a world of products whose shape is completely dictated by the designer, we enable the user to complete the design himself. The event of the breaking leaves its mark on the shaker and gives it its final, unique, one-of-a-kind appearance.

:: via The Style Files



Kechenyl Camille’s dining in 2015 entry – eco-cook – is design brilliance.

The artist describes it best saying “In 2015, environment problems from energy will become more and more serious. I believe that everyone’s life will be concerned. Thus kitchenware will be modernise to reduce energy consumption. My eco-cook is an object that helps to save water, energy and time. Everyday, everyone, has to cook pasta, rice or various vegetable. Therefore different pots are needed. In a unique pot, the eco-cook enables to divide 2 or 3 space and to boil different food at the same time. Thereby, water and gas or electricity is saved. Moreover when food is taken out the eco-cook, it will automatically drain out, allowing to win precious time. In 2015 I also believe that most people will always be in a hurry. The eco-cook design permits to help 2015 people that pay close attention to energy and time.”

:: via Boing Boing


Unitea Teaware.

At some point during winter I switch from coffee-guzzler to tea-guzzler. It just feels more therapeutic. And the fact that it has more caffeine tends to help out a girl who shows up and leaves work when it’s still dark out.

The Unitea Teaware at Rare Device is so, so pretty. Unfortunately, the tray isn’t included and all the pieces – including mugs – are sold separately.


FUSION Table and Chairs.

I once swore that I would never again purchase a piece of furniture that required assembly. Then I saw the FUSION table and chairs set and all that went out the window. I am obsessed with these pieces and the space-saving quality of the chairs neatly tucking under the table. It’s the perfect mix of retro and modern design. Now I only need to find a good reason to get rid of my perfectly functional current table and chairs!


Cafe Style Tea for One.

Any Design Crush regular should have picked up on the fact that I love mugs and teapots. I love them even more when they’re stacked together as a unit like the Cafe Style Tea for One. It even features a built-in stainless steel strainer for brewing loose leaf tea. Most tea paraphernalia that I’m attracted to is simple white, but I’m loving the vibrant colors in this case.



Posting is going to be on the light side today due to the fact that I’m working on a sizable web update for a client.

But I couldn’t resist sharing the pata-pata folding pot mat. It’s so sleek and simple and folds up for easy storage which you gotta love. Can I just tell you how difficult it is to find a decent pot mat (aka trivet) these days? They’re all horrible looking. I actually received a ceramic one for Christmas that’s a cat. Needless to say, it’s headed to Goodwill. I sure wish Santa would have brought me one of these instead . . .

:: via Design Milk


Home Hero.

Everyone knows that you should have a fire extinguisher on hand in your home. I remember the generic red one in my childhood kitchen vividly – and not in a good way. It always stuck out like a sore thumb, sitting there in the corner next to the fridge waiting for some firery action.

Enter the Home Hero fire extinguisher. Intuitive engineering combines with innovative design to make it both an attractive product as well as easy to use. And in my book that means less likely to hide away in the back of a closet, which means easier to find should you actually need it in the case of a fire.