Pick Up Mug and Tray Set.

I love the how the Pick Up mug and tray set is so closely related to those wine glass holder/appetizer plates that were so popular awhile back. This is a piece that would come in handy and be used so much more often in my opinion! Just use the cup for your beverage (hot or cold) and the plate for toast, sandwich, etc. Love it! The set is currently available in two patterns: yellow floral and green abstract, while the mug is available in glossy white and matte black. Mix and match as you wish.


Spaghetti Shallow Plates.

Designer Frank Martin has made first dates the world over a lot easier.

“This clever white melamine plate was designed to be used for spaghetti. Like other pasta plates, the shape is a bowl yet this piece features a small creater in the center which afford the user the opportunity to twirl the spaghetti using a fork only – no spoon required. Works wonderfully and a new essential for the pasta lover. This piece is also great for presenting a number of different foods using the center crater as a repository for sauces or dips.”

:: via yumsugar


TV Easel.

I’ve not welcomed a flat-screen television into my abode yet, although it is on my To Do List. One thing that keeps crossing my mind every time I think about how my living room will have to change to accommodate this technology is where will I put the thing. The idea of hanging it on the wall is appealing, yet scares the bejesus out of me. After paying that much moola I can’t imagine leaving it in the grasp of a couple wall mounts. Then this morning I saw the TV Easel by Swedish designer Axel Bjurström and thought, hmmm, this just may be the answer.

With the form of a traditional painter’s easel, the freestanding TV-rack on wheels is prefect for the open spaces often found in modern apartments. It is optimized for TV-sizes between 32-47” and it is adjustable in both height and angle. Material is solid wood, natural or lacquered.


Pitcher with Insert.

As with pretty much everywhere else in the country right now, the weather is cold and gross. The freezing rain just started coming down about a hour ago and although it’s not bad enough to leave work for home, it is bad enough to make all of the idiot drivers drive even worse. Ugh.

I love this pitcher always, but today because it makes me think about the warm (okay, sweltering) days of summer that are waiting for their turn. It’s brilliant because of the nifty little insert. Put your ice inside of it instead of directly into your beverage to avoid things getting watered down.


Hold Cookbook Page holder.

The simple idea behind the Hold cookbook page holder is obvious, yet executed beautifully. The 10.5 x 1.25″ steel bar lies across the book to hold the pages open without hiding the recipe. I’m forever getting gunk on the pages of my cookbooks when they threaten to shut themselves! This is a great solution.


OMA Lemon Squeezer.

The OMA Lemon Squeezer is so pretty and functional that I’d proudly display in on a kitchen countertop instead of hiding it away in a cupboard. If I owned one I’d be forced to drink a lot more fresh squeezed orange juice and lemon drop martinis.


Drop Stop Tea Strainer.

Today is soggy and cold which is a sad reversal of the 78º record high we experienced yesterday. Then it was windows down, hair blowing. Now it’s heater on, wipers going. Can’t wait to have some tea when I get home, although I swear I’ve had three cups at work this afternoon. I’m digging this Drop Stop Tea Strainer even though I don’t drink loose leaf tea all that often.

Simply pop off the lid of this sleek stainless steel tea straining device and fill the strainer with tea leaves. Hang the strainer over the side of your mug or tea cup for steeping. When you remove it, the spoon under the strainer will catch all drips and drops from getting on the counter or table.


Key Holder.

Now this key holder is just clever. In fact, I think it’s the only one I’ve seen that I’d consider actually using. That’s saying a lot because I’m not even a use-a-decorative-bowl kinda gal for my keys. I’m more of a leave-em-in-my-purse-and-search-endlessly chick. Besides, I’d feel compelled to use it so that guests wouldn’t ceaselessly ask what it was for.


Shoe Rack.

A few weeks ago I cleaned out my closet and everything is organized. It’s a small walk-in (as in walk in, stand, do a 180º and you’re out) and I’m having shoe storage issues. There is none. I’ve already been relegated to storing out of season shoes elsewhere. My ‘Winter Collection’ consists of around twenty pairs which are currently haphazardly strewn about the floor of the closet. I’m the sort of person who won’t wear something unless it’s right in front of me and I can see it, which leaves out buying a big plastic tub to throw them all in. I love these shoe racks, but am seriously short on wall space inside the closet as well as space on the rods which knocks out those hanging racks. What’s a girl to do?!