Branch Decanters.

Decanters Nº2 and Nº4 from Etienne Maneau are exquisitely beautiful. You can fill either with the liquid of your choice (both hold about a bottle of wine). Might I suggest drinking it right away so that there aren’t any wine stains to clean out of the decanter?? Talk about a nightmare.

:: via Core77


Refill Seven.

Refill Seven is a collective of artists who create some pretty sick laserdeck skateboards. The detailing is absolutely amazing, so much so that I can’t imagine ever wanting to take one of these out to actually use. They started accepting pre-orders November 9th on boards. Their site design is nice, too.



The Pock-It is a brilliant little piece of paper. Basically an updated Post-It, the Pock-It has adhesive on three sides creating a portable little pocket that you can post just about anywhere. Why did no one create these sooner?!


Erdem Selek.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a Product Designer Crush before. And then there was Erdem Selek. The young Turkish-born designer pulls upon his own emotions to create designs that establish the multi-faceted qualities of objects. He loves playing with colors, shapes, materials and technology to manipulate everyday objects into something extraordinary.

My favorite of Selek’s pieces are his Coffee Cup and Dish Drainer. Coffee Cup’s saucer is in the form of a maze which the user can then navigate when coffee drips onto it. The Dish Drainer reuses water that drips off of the washed dishes as they dry by watering the plant underneath.



The Sorapot by Joey Roth is eye-catching with its design of stainless steel and glass. My only question is how to clean the inside cylinder? My guess is that’s why Roth says to only use it for green and white teas. Black is much more likely to stain and discolor. It doesn’t officially launch until February 2008, but you can guarantee yourself one of the first 300 with a deposit.

:: via Core77


Tea Code Mugs.

Double-walled cups and mugs seem to be a current trend amongst designers, but that’s not what makes Tea Code mugs ingenious. That, my friend, would be the silicone “button” of the side that allows you to secure the string of your tea bag and keep it from slipping into the mug. The buttons come in three colors, which means that even if you aren’t drinking tea they’ll help with ownership issues. Check out all four styles of the mug: small rounded, small fared, tall rounded and tall flare.


Equation Bookshelf.

The premise behind the design of the Equation Bookshelf is to provide a simple way of organizing according to importance. I love that the focal point can change by just moving a few objects around. The fact that the shelf represents something you may or may not immediately notice (an equation) just makes it that much more interesting.

:: via BB-Blog


Hotel Boxes.

The hotel box is genius. You purchase the boxes collapsed and after folding in a few choice places and adding a pair of rubberbands – voila! – instant box that sort of resembles an enlarged bag of popped microwave popcorn. The thing is they’re not only boxes. Stack them up to ten high for stackable shelves or use joint supporters and hang them as wall shelves. End table. Bathroom caddy. You name it. The dust lid that snaps onto the front makes them perfect for display purposes. So choose one of the sixteen available patterns and go at it.

:: via LawofAttraction


laptopwallet butterfingers.

I’m not especially thrilled with the laptop sleeve I have, but I didn’t have to shell out any cash for it (work took care of that) and it gets the job done. The laptopwallet butterfingers by Working Class Heroes might be something that I could get used to though. Constructed out of 3mm grey felt and Austrian leather, the laptopwallet is designed to give you easy access to your macbook while snuggly holding it in place with the utmost protection. In case you hadn’t noticed, the wrist-strap also makes it really east to carry (butterfingers). And it looks pretty hot, too.