Out of Office.

Out of Office is a just-launched collective of British product designers who turn concepts, stories and ideas into tangible objects. A lot of the products are still in a conceptual phase, but I can’t wait until they’re available. Especially the Pencil Block since pencils are one of my favorite weapons of the trade.

Watering Mug

Smitten Mittens

Pencil Block

Decal Tattoos

:: via Core 77



The Orbit bowls from Miam-Miam’s Mushroom Colection make me want to toss out my dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I think mine are great but these just make them seem so boring. The combination of white porcelain and futuristic design is gorgeous.

Then there are the Espresso Towers. The combo of stainless steel and porcelain work together to keep your beverage the perfect temperature. I love the rounded-square shape with those great saucers.

If anything these are at least guaranteed to make your cereal and coffee a real experience!


Wall Cleat.

I’m a big fan of the Wall Cleat from Oboiler. And I desperately need one for my bathroom! Between hair dryer, straightener and electric toothbrush I’m one outlet short of electrical bliss. The Wall Cleat would cleverly keep me from stepping on the stray cord and impaling my foot on the prongs (which I’ve done before). Technology is great, but keep it out of my way!


Revolving Ashtray.

Okay, so I don’t smoke. And, happily, I don’t even have many friends who do the dirty deed anymore. But if I were all cool and European-like I would definitely need to own the revolving ashtray by Arne Jacobsen. One minute you see the ashes, then with a twist of the finger – voila! – they’re gone. So Scandinavian chic.


Chimo Fireplace.

I love the idea of being able to put a fireplace wherever you feel like. Especially if you’re a renter or someone who owns a first floor condo. That said, the Chimo firplace rocks. It installs in minutes to any wall and has no need for any sort of chimney. The secret is Ethanol which is a safe, clean burning fuel that is completely organic and made from renewable resources like corn, potatoes, wheat and other vegetables. And it’s green since it’s not a fossil-fuel and burning it does not increase the greenhouse effect like other fuels. Three different shapes and sizes of fireplace are available to mesh with your lifestyle.


Peak Sled.

It’s under 70º here today for the first time in about seven months. Surely that means winter is coming, no? The Peak Sled from Design Within Reach will have to entertain me visually until the snow falls. You know, one of about ten times a year that happens here in Oklahoma. I do love the basket weave seat design and ash wood design – a great simplistic Shaker look.


Café pelé.

The Café pelé espresso cup by designer Julie Pfligersdorffer is both beautiful and innovative. I love her idea of making the handle part of the espresso cup by peeling it off of the vessel. Of course, this also means that you can only fill the cup about halfway…



Maybe it’s that summer won’t seem to die this year.
Or that I like cooking outside. Bugs and all.
Or perhaps I’ve developed some sort of mini grill compulsion.
Yeah. It’s most likely that the last one.

I love the Grilliput. I even love the name. Say it, it’s too much fun. The design is so sleek and pure. It’s form and function in a dishwasher safe package.