Little Fury.

Esther Mun and Tina Chang are Little Fury. I love the name of this shop and all that it implies about both the design and these two women. I literally tracked them down after seeing the new Rembrandt packaging on shelves. That packaging almost turned me into a Rembrandt-user and that’s the kind of design that makes me sweat. After checking out their site I realized the Rembrandt Moment was, in fact, not a one-time deal. All of their work is brilliant. My other favorites are their work for Morimoto and Sterling.


Chocolat Moderne.

Buying chocolates from Chocolat Moderne might be the secret to dieting. I’m almost positive that if I had these little beauties around versus Hershey’s I’d be more likely to pass on eating them and vie for looking at them instead. Let’s not forget the packaging either. The colors and simplicity of design are perfect for something so decadent.



I think I’m coming down with a cold (sore throat, achy ears, all that good stuff). Perhaps something that claims it has the “power of the most potent antioxidant known to man” could help me out a little bit.

Gloji harvests the “power” of the goji berry to create one powerful drink available in two different mixes – Glogi Mix which is a combo of goji berries and pomagranate and Gloji Gold which seems to be liquid health or something thisclose to it.

It’s actually all about the packaging. Any brand brazen enough to package their product in a lightbulb-shaped bottle has my vote.


Wild Bunch & Co.

Wild Bunch & Co produces 100% organic cold-press juice made exclusively to order for bars, restaurants, healthcare centers, spas and resorts. If you happen to live in Singapore – where it’s made – home delivery and catering are available.

I’m not so much interested in that side of Wild Bunch & Co. (although I will take organic when and where I can get it). What I am into is the package design. I love the simple black and white sans serif type on that amazingly functional bottle, not to mention the vibrant colors of the juices themselves.


Charles Chocolates.

The packaging on Charles Chocolates confections is very tasty. It doesn’t help that Pate de Fruit is one of my favorite things ever and looks so good on this overcast afternoon of officedom.


Bambu White Rum.

Today may as well have been a Monday because it wasn’t good like Tuesdays generally tend to be. That means I could definitely use a cocktail when I get home tonight and I’m thinking this Bambu white rum is looking particularly yummy. Maybe something end-of-summer like a pina colada (even though I’m not generally a Girly Drink kinda gal). Whatever the drink, this bottle design is incredible. I love the mimicry of the bamboo shoot on the glass. This one would definitely be a keeper after the fact.



Pastis is a French bistro located in the heart of Manhattan’s meatpacking district. I’m sure you’re most likely heard of it – seems like a lot of celebrities go there to eat and be photographed by the paps. But whatever because I’m nowhere near Manhattan and not raving about their food, but their identity and packaging.



Last Friday I purchased some Wrigley’s 5 gum, I’ll admit, mainly for the packaging. Most of the package is matte black with only the 5 and flavor-associated color being glossy. Besides that, I was intrigued as to what type of pieces of gum would go into such a unique-shaped box. Turns out they’re regular old sticks, but arranged in three rows of five pieces each.

Afterwards I did a little brand research to satisfy my curiosity. There are two ideas about the source of the name. The first is that it has been 5 years since Wrigley’s debuted Orbit. The second, and generally more accepted, is that it stimulates the five senses while chewing. The name could also possibly be a reference to the gum having 5 calories.


V Chocolates.

V Chocolates has some incredible packaging going on. I love the baby blue box, which I’m convinced we equate with Tiffany’s in our mind which then equals quality. Or maybe that’s just me! Regardless, not only are V Chocolates (and toffee and berries) amazing to look at, but I’m betting they taste delicious as well. Master chocolatier, Ron Best, has been in the business of creating chocolates for more than twenty years.


Nalgene Kits.

I adore my hot pink Nalgene bottle. What was once a camping product to carry food mixes now has a cult-like following among college students and 20-somethings. Now Nalgene has taken another step forward by creating Kit Bottles – 32 oz bottles that are stocked full of things for First-Aid, Heat Stress, Auto, Dog, Emergency/Survival and Kids. Genius.