Eugene and Louise Bakery.

Eugene and Louise Bakery in Antwerp is the team-up between three Belgian friends: Glenn D’Hondt & Sylvia Meert (aka Eugene and Louise) and Tinne Mermans.

Their product design couldn’t be any more playful and fun if they tried. I’m sure the product is fantastic, but it could taste like tires and I’d still buy it as long as it looked like this!

:: via bad banana blog


The Cost Vineyard.

Nestled comfortably in the Eola Hills, just west of Salem, Oregon, you will find The Cost Vineyard. A low-yield producer of premium quality, fully estate grown Pinot Noir.

While I don’t doubt the quality and taste of their wine, what I’m in love with are their bottles. Wine labels in general fascinate me, but when one goes against the norm – as in anything – it really grabs my attention. Cost Vineyard accomplishes this by using “newspaper clippings” that strategically place their name on the bottle in small type that you might otherwise miss. Point proven: bigger and bolder isn’t always better.


Vosges: The Sensory Collection.

Chocolate on Valentine’s Day is just about as cliche as roses, except when it comes to Vosges’ Sensory Collection.

The extensive Collection is both a connoisseur’s guide to chocolate tasting and an game of smell and taste. Designed to develop your sense of smell and your ability to recognize and articulate the aromas of varietal chocolate. The experience of uncapping vials, inhaling essences and nibbling chocolate will engage and intrigue.

Not to mention how sexy the experience could be given the right set of circumstances. *wink, wink*


CB I Hate Perfume.

Not only am I obsessed with the unusual names of CB I Hate Perfume’s line of fragrances (i.e. in the Library, Burning Leaves and in the Summer Kitchen), but I love the minimalist packaging and type. It’s a win-win.

Nothing sparks the memory so powerfully as scent. We know this to be true. One small whiff can tell vividly of a time long gone; perhaps of a moment we thought lost forever yet suddenly, in a flash, we live it again. The perfumes in this collection all speak of single shining points of time in my own life. Though we share perfume with those around us when we wear it, still it always tells a very private Secret History. The scents in this collection may tell of mine but when you wear them, they will tell only of yours.

So well said. Now I can’t help but notice the white musk I’m wearing today and realize that I bought it because it reminds me of my freshmen year in high school…


Auto Paint Cosmetics.

I love the idea behind Auto Paint Cosmetics. APC draws its inspiration and color palette from the spirit of the ’60s and fast cars. Their latest line of ten nail lacquers are each named after classics, offering a physical and emotional connection to a different time and place. Not to mention some really unique packaging design to go along with it all.


Wine That Loves.

Wine That Loves doesn’t only come in a great package, it comes with a great idea. These wines have been expertly designed for the foods you love by sommelier Ralph Hersom. The people behind the brand believe that the pleasure that comes from wine and food paired right should not be so hard to find. You don’t have to be at a restaurant and it doesn’t have to be a crap shoot any longer. I love that the bottle design really gets that across with simple, well thought out communication.



Waitrose is a supermarket chain in England that combines the convenience of an ordinary supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialty shop. Freshness and quality of foods are number one and they take it to the bank with their own in-house line of “generic” goods. Nothing new there, but what is different is the quality of design apparent in every Waitrose branded product. I saw their products in the latest Communication Arts and was really impressed.


Brix Chocolate.

I’ve been craving chocolate all day, so when I saw Brix Chocolate I was overcome by my craving and the great packaging by mod. It’s chocolate for wine lovers which instantly put thoughts of a glass of red and a fireplace into my mind. We’re supposed to get snow tonight and I can think of nothing more relaxing than couching it with some wine and chocolate.

:: via The Dieline


red flower.

red flower is a line of home and body products “created to transform everyday experiences to their utmost extreme, founded on the principles of world traditions, sustainable sourcing, ritual, well-being and aesthetics.” Launched nationally at Barney’s in 1999 with eight products, the line has now evolved and grown to include over 100. Oh yeah, and they have some sweet packaging, too, which makes me want to see these bottles every morning in my shower.


1 litre.

The 1 litre Water Company has truly impressed me with their packaging for 1 litre and 1 half litre. These bottles are the first to incorporate an actual cup into their design. Makes drinking bottled water (which is fast becoming a no-no, I know, I know) a little more sophisticated, dontcha think? I’m also digging the simplicity of the logo, but it does feel a little reminiscent of level vodka in my opinion.

:: via The Dieline