Revolution Tea.

It’s freezing in our office today. Everyone has their doors closed so as to retain the heat their own body is producing. For once sharing an office is paying off! Two for the price of one. But still cold. We’re right at that point of switching over from AC to heat which is a time of year I usually love. Except in Oklahoma. Here we don’t have seasons per se, spring and fall seem to last a week or two between the extremes of hot and cold.

However, it being so cold does make it a perfect day for hot tea. I’m a big fan of Reveolution Tea. It’s made from really high-quality leaves, but it’s sold at Target among other places so it’s affordable. Right now I’ve been hot for their White Pear Tea. (White tea is the highest in antioxidants as a bonus.) You can get it in lots of forms – loose, boxed, single bag, etc. I have the silk tea bags which you can easily use two times each. So many flavors to choose from, so liitle time.

And did I mention the packaging? Their logo is fantastic as well as the simple, clean design everything is packaged and boxed up in.


Simply Design Coffee.

Mondays are consistently my highest days of coffee consumption. And when it’s dreary and raining outside you can pretty much count on tripling my Normal Monday Intake. I don’t care whether it’s hot, frothy, icy, blended, bottled or all of the above (is that even possible?), I will take it and gladly toss it back.

When I came across Simply Design Coffee I got really excited – here are two of my all-time loves, coffee and design, harmoniously co-existing in a non-Starbuck’s environment. Kudos to the designers at ING who stood up for negative space because it makes the product come full circle.


Happy Pills.

Everyone needs Happy Pills at some point and what makes you happier than candy? (Very little if you’re me.) studio m is the brains and beauty behind a tiny blink-and-you-miss-it candy store in Barcelona called Happy Pills. The design is spot on and I love, love, love that it’s targeting adults. Perhaps a little risque with the red cross mark with all the lawsuits surrounding it these days, but brilliant nonetheless. This is a franchise opp just waiting to happen.

:: Design Milk, MoCo Loco



Recently I’ve taken up a major interest in skincare product design. Not really sure where or when it started, but it shows no signs of leaving any time in the near future.

Today I bring to you Vaishaly. Vaishaly is a “superfacialist” from the UK who believes in the simplest, purest skincare regimes: two steps to be exact. Cleansing and moisturizing. Her philosophy is that you don’t need a cabinet full of products to have great skin. (Sounds good to me and my bank account, being the self-proclaimed Product Whore that I am.) As a bonus, all of Vaishaly’s products are based on natural and organic ingredients. A first for any facialist.

On the packaging side of things, I love the simple V logo resembling two pieces of grass and the beautifully contrasting light blue and chocolate brown colors. My bet is that any girl would be hard-pressed to hide these away in a cabinet.



They put wine in a box ages ago – what took them so long to can it? IRONWINE comes to us in 12 oz. cans (almost half a bottle!) and two varieties – Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc. Each can comes equipped with a special lining that keeps the wine – and its flavor – unchangeable. I love how portable this makes the tasty beverage – wine at a picnic, wine at the game, wine at McDonald’s…

:::via yumsugar


Lagrange 34.

Lagrange 34 is this beautifully crafted chocolate from Torino, Italy (which is coincidentally somewhere I’d love to visit before my last day). The new line of chocolate products combines traditional quality and a contemporary design approach. Currently there are six different designs to choose from. Lagrange 34 prides themselves on exploiting chocolate as a design medium. Love it! Can you frame chocolate?


ARCONA Skin Care.

The ARCONA brand is known and respected for its high quality, luxury skin care formulations and their ability to make a positive change without cosmetic surgery. I know it because I saw the packaging and loved it. There’s something about the clean, unblemished containers that suggest the product within can have the same effect on your skin. Well done.


Every Man Jack.

My office mate/Fresh Peel blogger Chris clued me in to Every Man Jack – a new mens’ line at Target.

“Every Man Jack makes body bars and body wash to help you get a clean start on each day. But using our stuff won’t get you that raise. Or give you abs of steel. Or make you utterly irresistible. Because, well, that would be ridiculous. EMJ will, however, give you products made from high-quality formulas and natural ingredients, without costing you an arm and a leg. We’ll make you clean. And we’ll keep you feeling comfortable. The rest is up to you. “

I’m well aware that this sort of angle has been done before, but I really like it paired with this product line. Besides that I’m totally digging the wood grain look on the bottles. I’d love to see this in a guy’s shower.


Evian Palace Bottle.

Evian has created the Evian Palace Bottle for “the ultimate dining experience.” Form and function abound between the pourer, coaster and bottle design which bring a new level of sophistication and style to the table. Unfortunately, you can’t create that experience in your own home because the Palace Bottle is only available to leading restaurants.


Lucky Scent.

Perfume bottle design is fascinating to me and I 100% base my decision whether or not to buy one on the bottle. Lucky Scent is just feeding the beast in me because I could spend hours browsing the different scents up for grabs. They pride themselves on having scents not available in your local department stores which makes stopping by their site totally worth your time. Besides that, you can order samples (for a small fee) to test before going for the big bottle.