Fiat Luxe Soap

You guys, THIS IS SOAP. Felted soap to be exact. Fiat Luxe soap is handcrafted to combine color, form, texture, and fragrance and you use it just like any other bar of the stuff. Except obviously, this is stuff is much better smelling than Dial and way more awesome to lather up with.


From Here to There

I’m off to Italy for Design Lab a week from today! International travel always feels way different than domestic to me. Of course there’s the extended time in the air and the time change to contend with. But for me it’s always a matter of what to do while in-flight. My usual go-tos are reading, writing, and attempting to catch a few Zs. There’s also the small matter of making sure all of my immediate necessities are within arms reach, I never pack anything I can’t go without for at least 12 hours after arrival (blame that on one too many lost bags). Throw in a tote to carry it all and we’re airborne!

Clockwise from top left: Sally Passport Holder from Lisa Stickley, Smith’s Rosebud Salve, F1 Go Clean Set, Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask, BAGGU Zipper Bag Set,  Scratch Travel Journal, Aztec Print Shopper Tote, Berry Tree Notebook from nollison


Autumn Brights + Neutrals

Oh hey, Autumn. Did you know you’re my favorite? Your moderately warm days and chilly nights are the perfect combination. And your colors? Don’t even get me started. You make me miss the northeast like mad and count your numbered days from the start. You also make me a layering fool who’s obsessed with creating her own autumnal palette, this year I’m seeing a brilliant mix of brights and neutrals all playing together like a bunch of falling leaves.


Clockwise from top left: Love Quotes Italian Linen Scarf in Coral Reef, Gorjana Taner Shimmer Double Necklace, Nikki Montoya DRUID Necklace, Tucker Blouse in green, Religion SEJ18 Popper Jew Black Coat, Joie Clutch in beige, Essie polish in A List, Current/Elliott Ankle Skinny Jean in mustard, Bonny Boot in tan and black, Brook&Lyn Circle Cuff, Gold Women’s Nixon Watch, Dark Geode Earrings from LEIF


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Day to Dinner to Party!

While we were in the final throes of the HP Designer Matchup last week, I started thinking about other important stuff. Namely how best not to embarrass myself at New York Fashion Week. I’m a graphic designer and blogger who works out of a home office. Sure I like to think I can clean up well enough when out in public, but how could I make it better? And more important still – easier.

That’s when I got in touch with Engage OKC and they put me in cahoots with The Makeup Bar. I was familiar with the boutique and its owner, Alex Mendez-Kelley, but hadn’t ever used any services. After talking a little about what I was looking for we decided on a three part look than can be built upon in stages. Brilliant!


During the day I’m drawn towards a natural look, and I wanted to keep it that way. So what we worked on was a polished look that could be used as a base-builder for something more dramatic later on.

First, Shelly primed my face and my eyelids. The Makeup Bar has their own line called MUB Beauty, and one of their best products is Sha-liner. A one-step base/eye shadow/eye liner that’s crease-proof, smudge-proof, and tear-proof. For the Day look No Brainer was used, it’s a flat nude color. My top lids were then lined with the Sha-liner in Mindless and a nice little wing was added to the outside corners. Alex also engineered a brilliant dual-ended brush, one for using the Sha-liner as shadow the other for liner. (Even this clumsy girl can use it! The key is short strokes.) My eyes were topped off with a few coats of mascara and done.

Next, any and all blemishes were concealed and foundation evened out my skin. (I normally do these steps first thing, but the ladies swear by this order saying it’s easier to correct any mistakes.) A shade lighter than my skin was used under my eyes to lighten and brighten. A bronzer was used to contour my cheeks and introduce some warm tones, then blush was added for a pop of color and to cool things down. (Fun fact, our skin is comprised of both warm and cool tones, so you need to wear a little of both to appear neutral.)

To finish up, Shelly lined my lips in MUB Beauty‘s Heather which a neutral mauve-ish lip tone and glossed me over with a similar color.


Now it’s time to kick things up a notch from where we were to head off for dinner! Most seasons makeup trends are focused on either a bold eye or bold lip. This year, for the first time in ages, both looks being worn at once are showing up on the runways.

Adding to the Day look, Shelly added another Sha-liner called Moondance (a pretty beigey-grey) to the middle of my eyelids and followed up with some powder shadow in the crease for some depth. A little bit of cream blush was added to my cheeks for more color and my lips were darkened with Berrylicious gloss from MUB Beauty that I instantly fell in love with.


Now it’s on to party time! Sparkles and color are where it’s at.

Shelly used Sha-liner in Shalicious to highlight my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes. She then used a super-secret MUB Beauty highlighting product that’s not available to the public yet, so I don’t even have any information to share on it! Another pop of cream blush on just the apples of my cheeks was added and the underside of my top lashes were lined for extra oomph. My bottom lids were lined with Sha-liner in Spring Break, a killer teal that I can’t get enough of. A dusting of sparkles on my bowline and I’m ready to hit the NYFW party scene!


This Thursday, September 6th is the annual event Fashion’s Night Out. If you’re in the OKC area and interested in seeing what The Makeup Bar can do for you that’s the night! Why, you ask? Because Alex has gathered the best of the best makeup artists to do FREE makeovers! That’s right, people who I could never ever afford to do my makeup are going to do yours for nada. Head over to have them gussy you up send you out for a fabulous evening!


All photos © Caroline Cohenour


Happy Weekend

01/ Hoping my next house is constructed out of concrete LEGO bricks!
02/ I want to buy my eggs in this packaging.
03/ Your dream is a reality, print postcards that smell like FOOD.
04/ The photography alone makes me want to get my hands on this magazine.
05/ Rose-colored glasses!
06/ Daring enough to try a Hairchitecture ‘do?
07/ WaterDog!
08/ Wonder if this Woven Desk would make me more productive?
09/ Weird + beautiful ceramic teeth mug.
10/ 100 phone booths, 100 artists


Happy Weekend

01/ The Mason Jar cocktail shaker. Hipster approved.
02/ Humiliating giant head squirrel feeder.
03/ A DIY to save your sofa arms and spare an end table.
04/ AmoeBAND, a customizable bandage.
05/ A combo Beer/Shotglass, talk about space saving.
06/ Cookie + coffee cup = the cookie coffee cup!
07/ Animal sculptures made of reclaimed household items.
08/ Ever think of painting your shelves?
09/ Solar. Making triple digit temps look good.
10/ STACKED – wine, stemware, and corkscrew in one!


Happy Weekend

01/ Musical wine glasses!
02/ Easy DIY candle stakes for your yard.
03/ Clever DIY painted wall frames.
04/ TellTails. When you feel like your ensemble might require a tail.
05/ A DIY splatter ‘brella.
06/ Loving this line of marble housewares.
07/ A brilliant concept for a carbon monoxide detector – Canary.
08/ A kicked up version of safety pin jewelry.
09/ Paper Passion, a perfume for book lovers that smells like (duh) books.
10/ Dying to own a Film Map.


Scent of a Winner

Let’s face it, morning’s are tough. Now you can start the day off a winner with these Scent of a Winner gold, silver, and bronze soap on a ropes. And smell like champagne, lemon, spearmint, saponified organic olive, coconut and palm oils while you’re at it!


Happy Weekend


01/ Where rot meets fascination.
02/ Outdoor rugs made of rocks – so smart.
03/ Chalktrail looks like the best time!
04/ Paper towels colored with leftover egg dye.
05/ I used to dye flowers like this as a kid!
06/ Typography + Knives
07/ These dip-dyed paper placemats are such fun!
08/ Wishing I were patient enough for this ombre nail job.
09/ I don’t use glass paint nearly enough, check out these tumblers.
10/ Fantastic patterns on every one of these Coaster Puzzle Trays.