Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Gabriela Da Costa

01/ a papercraft nativity set to print and assemble
02/ the most attractive way to store firewood – ever
03/ I like big buns and I cannot lie
04/ this paper tree looks so fun
05/ gorgeous agate windows
06/ magic beans to keep your coffee warm longer!
07/ great gift idea for a cook
08/ make hot cocoa ornaments


Happy Weekend

VIA: Design Fetish

The holiday season is officially upon us, are you ready??

01/ definitely picking up this matte lip stain
02/ it’s not too late for a Wild Turkey Cocktail!
03/ maybe I could wear one of these headbands out shopping today?
04/ Joy the Baker has a cookbook coming out!
05/ pumpkin-maple breakfast pudding – YUM
06/ DIY cranberry liqueur
07/ make a DIY George Nelson-inspired slat bench


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: mae noelle

You say it’s your birthday? It’s my birthday, too! I’m gearing up for a fun-filled weekend that kicks off with happy hour tonight, but I wouldn’t leave you hanging without the usual weekend links to follow.

01/ fascinating composite portrait made using 500 photographs
02/ love this mix-n-match chocolates concept
03/ Milk & Cookies, undulating breakfast food
04/ check out the senseless drawing bot
05/ looking forward to this Eames documentary
06/ movies recast with cats!
07/ it’s the 5th annual Movember, grow a beard for the cause
08/ play HuffPo bingo
09/ now THIS is some serious concealing makeup
10/ I want to try out the online stencil generator


BirdProject Soap

Each of these black bird-shaped soaps is made from natural, locally-sourced Louisiana ingredients. Wash, wash, wash your hands to reveal a white ceramic bird handmade by the artist. It’s no surprise that the purchase of the soap is a 50% donation to the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster recovery efforts.


Long Winter Farm

As soon as Anabela mentioned the perfume oil she’d purchased from Long Winter Farm, I knew I had to check this place out because she always finds the best perfumes. And I’m so, so glad I did. I picked up a roll-on Black Coconut for myself as well as a tube of Earl Grey lip balm (which they appear to be out of at the moment). I’m wearing the perfume oil for the first time today and keep catching sweet whiffs of summer. The lip balm has been living in my fridge between uses and feels divine and cool when I put it on. It also stands up to high temps, I can attest to this because it spent a steaming 105 degree day in my mailbox. I’m already eyeing Campfire for fall along with everything else for Christmas gifts – it’s all ridiculously affordable and unique.


Amazing Face

Nothing makes me happier than when two things I love collide. Amazing Face is a solidly designed tome full of beauty advice and tips written by Zoe Foster. Beauty experts collaborate between its covers to share info on the best makeup for different occasions, skincare routines, step-by-step hairstyle techniques, and more.



PHOTO: MakeupAlley

Not exaaactly a CMYK palette, but it will be once I try it on my own nails later this week. Crossing my fingers that I have the patience to sit still while it dries! (via Jenci)


Summer ‘Dos

It’s the day after Memorial Day and you know what that means, the unofficial start of summer is upon us. Right now my hair hangs just below my clavicle and I have blunt cut bangs. I wear it simple and straight, but since my hair has a bit of a wave to it there’s a process involved. Namely drying and straightening. And even though that only takes about fifteen minutes, it just isn’t always a time investment I want to make. You see, I get a bad case of the Lazy Hair come summer. No muss, no fuss, hopefully off of my face and neck. Instead of just pulling it back into the messy bun I’m always guilty of, I’m hoping for a little more from myself this June through September. Here are a few hairstyles I’ve bookmarked that look manageable and easy.


Pin Tucked Braid
via Hair Romance + TeenAngster


Loop Chignon
via Glamour


Embrace the natural
via Jen McPhie-Lewis