Happy {Memorial Day} Weekend

PHOTO: Amy Haslehurst

01.  can’t wait to try this hair product – I hate blowdrying my hair in the summer!
02.  a DIY Bloody Mary bar? yes, please.
03.  looking forward to Chelsea’s bi-monthly flower recipes
04.  great post about what art + creativity mean to evie s.
05.  I want to make hundreds of these fabric flowers
06.  this lady smells books all day, love that
07.  hoping to play some iphone hipster bingo this weekend, which will consist of my friends taking photos of one another
08. my favorite snowboards ever (yes, I know it’s May)
09. make your own pudding pops!
10. words banned by New York Magazine

Monday is Memorial Day in the States, so I’ll be taking the day off to do patriotic things like (unintentionally) fry myself to a crisp and (unintentionally) burn some hamburgers on the grill. See you Tuesday, lovahs.




I’m sort of a professional makeup hoarder on the side. I love experimenting with new colors, new products, new techniques – all of it. Most days I stick to a fairly natural look, with the exception of some serious black eyeliner on my upper lids (that I’m convinced makes me look more awake). But when it’s time for a night out or a big event anything goes.

Saturday I made a run to ULTA for some face wash in lieu of Sephora. It turned out to be a fortuitous trip when I decided to look around and came upon a line I’d never heard of before, NYX. On a whim I picked up two lip colors. I’ve been on a never-ending search for the perfect red for well over six months, so who knew I’d find it in a $4.99 lipstick pencil. I’d also been lusting over NARS Schiap for almost as long, but wasn’t willing to dish out the $25. Lo and behold, here was my solution for under ten bucks! I’ll definitely be checking out more of their products in the future.

This is not a sponsored post.


Soap Ends

I’ve never made soap, but I know that in order to get perfectly sized bars they have to chop off some excess. Morning Calm bundles them up and sells them as Happy Endings! A nice way to try out the shop’s offerings, use a new soap every few days, or put out for guests. So smart. {via Shiny Squirrel}


Happy {Valentine’s Day} Weekend

njom njom

+ I’ll be geeking out come Sunday night, tweeting and playing Oscar bingo.

+ It’s Feltron Annual Report time!!!

+ Looking forward to making my own tempura veggies.

+ Obsessed with this Chanel Orange Fizz nail polish.

+ A kick-you-in-the-face-funny V-Day roundup based on your relationship status!

+ Loving the setup and layout of the aptly named Cassette Tape Magazine.

+ Learn to cut a rug with Mr. + Mrs. Cha-Cha!

+ The perfect messy side ponytail.

+ I don’t want to rent this place, I want to move in.

Happy Weekend!


Happy {Super Bowl} Weekend

James Acklin

+ February desktop wallpaper love: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

+ My hair is the perfect length right now for this yarn-tied messy bun!

+ A map of NYC’s subway system goes musical.

+ Ben Wilson’s rad chewing gum art.

+ Crazy potato soup that tastes like chili cheese fries!

+ Oh yum, a Strawberry Milk Cake.

+ Desktop cornhole!

+ Best. Pencil. Ever.

Happy Weekend!

{One guess who I’m cheering for in Sunday’s Super Bowl!}