Breath Palette.

Breath Palette carries toothpaste and mouthwash in 18 different flavors, and I’m not talking cinnamon or mint. Try Monkey Banana, White Peach and Pumpkin Pudding – just to name a few. Every flavor is guaranteed to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh with a menthol finish. The flavors are created using infused oils so your grill won’t be left tasting like day old espresso.

:: via Rare Bird Finds


bliss body butter.

Me and body butter generally don’t get along all that well. It always feels like I’m greasing myself up and never seems to sink into my skin. So when I got my birthday gift from Sephora last November – bliss body butter – I wasn’t all that excited about it.

And then I used it.

Holy cow. The name is misleading – it should be called ‘Heaven Masquerading as Lotion’. (Or something equally cheesy.) It’s light as a feather and melts into my skin immediately. It got me through the winter which is saying a lot. Now I’m wishing they made some sort of version with SPF for summer…


CB I Hate Perfume.

Not only am I obsessed with the unusual names of CB I Hate Perfume’s line of fragrances (i.e. in the Library, Burning Leaves and in the Summer Kitchen), but I love the minimalist packaging and type. It’s a win-win.

Nothing sparks the memory so powerfully as scent. We know this to be true. One small whiff can tell vividly of a time long gone; perhaps of a moment we thought lost forever yet suddenly, in a flash, we live it again. The perfumes in this collection all speak of single shining points of time in my own life. Though we share perfume with those around us when we wear it, still it always tells a very private Secret History. The scents in this collection may tell of mine but when you wear them, they will tell only of yours.

So well said. Now I can’t help but notice the white musk I’m wearing today and realize that I bought it because it reminds me of my freshmen year in high school…


Auto Paint Cosmetics.

I love the idea behind Auto Paint Cosmetics. APC draws its inspiration and color palette from the spirit of the ’60s and fast cars. Their latest line of ten nail lacquers are each named after classics, offering a physical and emotional connection to a different time and place. Not to mention some really unique packaging design to go along with it all.


red flower.

red flower is a line of home and body products “created to transform everyday experiences to their utmost extreme, founded on the principles of world traditions, sustainable sourcing, ritual, well-being and aesthetics.” Launched nationally at Barney’s in 1999 with eight products, the line has now evolved and grown to include over 100. Oh yeah, and they have some sweet packaging, too, which makes me want to see these bottles every morning in my shower.


GapBody Bath + Skin.

I popped into the Gap Sunday to pick up the Luxe Poncho that I was gushing over last week and was pleasantly surprised to see GapBody’s Bath + Skin products all beautifully lined up on the shelves. Speaking as the Product Whore that I am, the packaging is lovely and definitely made me want to pick one of the eight scents for my very own. I held out with much restraint, but think I’ve found something else for my Christmas list.



Recently I’ve taken up a major interest in skincare product design. Not really sure where or when it started, but it shows no signs of leaving any time in the near future.

Today I bring to you Vaishaly. Vaishaly is a “superfacialist” from the UK who believes in the simplest, purest skincare regimes: two steps to be exact. Cleansing and moisturizing. Her philosophy is that you don’t need a cabinet full of products to have great skin. (Sounds good to me and my bank account, being the self-proclaimed Product Whore that I am.) As a bonus, all of Vaishaly’s products are based on natural and organic ingredients. A first for any facialist.

On the packaging side of things, I love the simple V logo resembling two pieces of grass and the beautifully contrasting light blue and chocolate brown colors. My bet is that any girl would be hard-pressed to hide these away in a cabinet.


ARCONA Skin Care.

The ARCONA brand is known and respected for its high quality, luxury skin care formulations and their ability to make a positive change without cosmetic surgery. I know it because I saw the packaging and loved it. There’s something about the clean, unblemished containers that suggest the product within can have the same effect on your skin. Well done.


Every Man Jack.

My office mate/Fresh Peel blogger Chris clued me in to Every Man Jack – a new mens’ line at Target.

“Every Man Jack makes body bars and body wash to help you get a clean start on each day. But using our stuff won’t get you that raise. Or give you abs of steel. Or make you utterly irresistible. Because, well, that would be ridiculous. EMJ will, however, give you products made from high-quality formulas and natural ingredients, without costing you an arm and a leg. We’ll make you clean. And we’ll keep you feeling comfortable. The rest is up to you. “

I’m well aware that this sort of angle has been done before, but I really like it paired with this product line. Besides that I’m totally digging the wood grain look on the bottles. I’d love to see this in a guy’s shower.


Lucky Scent.

Perfume bottle design is fascinating to me and I 100% base my decision whether or not to buy one on the bottle. Lucky Scent is just feeding the beast in me because I could spend hours browsing the different scents up for grabs. They pride themselves on having scents not available in your local department stores which makes stopping by their site totally worth your time. Besides that, you can order samples (for a small fee) to test before going for the big bottle.