Best of 2016: September to December

A Belated Housewarming // Addison Eaton // Angela Deane // Arthur Brothers


Britt Hutchinson // Cai Guo Qiang // Camille Chew // Craig Ward


Dan Bannino // David Scheid // Deedee Cheriel // DIY Wooden Modern Bell Ornaments


Erik Jones // DIY Holiday Cat Toy + Ornament // Printable Holiday Gift Wrap + Tags // Jane Rainey


Jessica Dance // Joey Slaughter // Karine Jollet // Kreh Mellick


KUUM // Lauren Clay // Liz Sofield // Lola Dupre


Mamma Andersson // Mariko Kusumoto // Matt W. Moore // Monica Garwood


Neon Zinn // Charming the Doors Off // Nuria Farre // Paige Jiyoung Moon


Paolo Del Torro // Reeta Ek // Sophie Derrick // Steve Kim


Temporary Tapestry // Thomas Mailaender // Tracie Cheng // Water Pitcher Block


Best of 2016: May to August

Amy Judd // Ana Hell // Anna Valdez // Aura Home


Benoit Paille // Bodil Jane // Carmen Segovia // Cecile van Hanja


Cheryl Sorg // Christopher Saunders // Courtney Mattison // Dan Lam


Daniel Entonado // Designer Fund/Moniker // Edie Nadelhaft // Endre Penovac


Joshua Flint // Juan Osorno // Karmen Ayvazyan // Katherine Tromans


Katy Ann Gilmore // Laura Jane Scott // Leslie Weaver // Lori Larusso


Lorraine Nam // Mae Engelgeer // Marc Figueras // Maria Svarbova


Matthias Heiderich // Michael Nykamp // Nicole Tijoux // Peter Zimmermann


Ring Soap // Stephan Zirwes // Tom Blachford // Ugo Rondinone


Best of 2016: January to April

After taking a few days off to enjoy the holiday I’m doing something new, today through Friday I’ll be sharing my favorite art and design posts from 2016. It’s been amazing to look back at all of the talent we’ve covered over the past twelve months! I’m pumped to get started with 2017 next week as well because we have some fresh columns that I hope you’re going to love as much as I do!


42 Pressed // Advice to My 80 Year Old Self // Agata Wierzbicka // Alexandra Valenti


Ashley Eliza Williams // Carina Shoshtary // Christina A. West // A Floral Laden Brunch


Fox & Ramona // Fundamental Berlin // Henrietta Harris // Ilot


Jollypop // Jonas Wood // Julian Meagher // Knot Pillow


Larry Mantello // Layer // Layla Holzer // Lee Coren


Lisa Smirnova // Liz Orton // Lui Ferreyra // Marta Spendowska


Monica Rohan // Nick Knight // Pinch // Richard Keeling


Sandra Eterovic // Sarah Tanat Jones // Shore Rugs // Tim Moore


Victoria Wagner // Wire Numbers // Zsolt Hlinka // Showdown


Merry Christmas

Kiel James Patrick

This Sunday I hope you’ll wake up not too early in a warm, cozy bed with a few butterflies from childhood in your stomach. I hope you promptly have coffee before spending the day in either your pajamas or your holiday finery. I hope it’s 24-hours full of love and laughter and contentment. I hope there’s at least one unexpected surprise. I hope you eat a big, delicious meal and help out in the kitchen. I hope you take a few minutes standing in the woods, or on the porch without your coat, or before you close your eyes that night to reflect on how good most of us have it. And lastly, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. xo, Kelly


24 Last Minute Holiday Printables

Gift Tags from Oana Befort

Like I’ve mentioned, I’m way behind on just about everything this holiday. Between election madness, the state of the world, and 2016 as a whole I’m just not really feeling the holiday spirit quite like I normally do. I have yet to wrap any gifts other than the ones that have been sent off to faraway friends, zero cookies have been baked, and I still have no clue what to get my 92-year-old Grandma. If you’ve run out of some wrapping supplies or you just like free stuff, download these 24 holiday printables and remember that the season is all about love and togetherness, and it’s the thought that always counts most.


Patterned Gift Wrap + Gift Tags from The Beauty Dojo


HOHOXO Gift Tags from The Sweetest Occasion


Cards + Gift Tags from Free People


Gift Tags from Today’s Creative Life


Marbled Wrap from The Lovely Drawer


Gift Tags from Gather & Feast


Treat Labels from Julep


Gift Wrap from Craftberry Bush


Gift Wrap from Homey Oh My


Gift Tags from Julep


Holiday Cards from Brit + Co


Gift Tags for Handmades from Small + Friendly


Gift Tags from Fresh Exchange


Gift Tags from Melissa Esplin


Gift Tags from The Merrythought


Gift Tags from Creative Index


Gift Tags from Mandi Nelson


Hugs Bags from Oh Happy Day


Holiday Stickers from The Merrythought


Gift Tags + Stickers from Jessica Keala


Gift Wrap from Almost Makes Perfect


Gift Tags from The Beauty Dojo


Thank You Cards + Envelopes from Melissa Esplin


Claire Trotignon


French artist Claire Trotignon employs drawing, collage, screen-printing, and installation as she explores the concept of space through architecture, landscape, and mapping. Claire says her inspiration comes from “everywhere at any moment” and cites music, film, travel, and books as notable sources.







Candy Bark 12 Ways

My Grandma’s nut roll, egg custard pie, Hershey Kiss cookies. All of these foods and more remind me of the holidays, including candy bark. What I love about this incredibly easy treat is that it can include everything but the kitchen sink or actually be borderline healthy for you depending on what you add. I’ve rounded up a selection of both, check ’em all out below!













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Sophie Derrick


Meet artist Sophie Derrick. Yup, that’s her – right there under all of those layers of paint. Sophie uses her own body as a canvas before photographing the results and then painting on top of those as well, blurring the lines between painting and photography in the process.